Demon Slayer Hashira Ranked: According to Strength and Abilities

The Hashira or pillars in the anime Demon Slayer are the most powerful members of the Demon Slayer Corps. They undergo strenuous training regimens and excruciating battles against demons to become a Hashira. There are presently 9 pillars, which are, pillars of stone, wind, mist, serpent, water, fire, sound, love, and insect. All of them are powerful, but within the Harisras, there are ones who are seemingly untouchable due to their raw strength and dominant breathing techniques. The anime has not yet shown the true potential of the Hashira, so to get a gist, here is the list of Demon Slayer Hashira ranked.

9. Shinobu Kocho

 The insect hashira
The Insect Hashira

At the bottom of the list, we have the insect pillar, Shinobu Kocho. She does not have the physical strength to slice off the neck of a demon (which is the only way to kill them). Kocho compensates for this by injecting poison into the demons, disabling them, and slowly killing them. She uses a unique stinger sword that is capable of injecting poison, but this is not effective on upper-ranked demons.

8. Tengen Uzui

Hashira Ranked : The Sound Hashira
The Sound Hashira

The Sound Hashira is said to be the fastest and the third strongest (physically). He uses a breathing style that helps him read the movements of his opponents, like musical notes on sheets. With the help of this, he can predict actions. He uses a double sword and has not unlocked his Hashira mark.

In the Entertainment district arc, he battles the upper-rank #6. He defeats them with the help of Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke. We were not able to see Uzui’s true potential in battle as he fought with deadly poison in his bloodstream. He was only able to survive because of his stamina and endurance.

7. Mitsuri Kanroji – Demon Slayer Hashira Ranked

The Love Hashira
The Love Hashira

The Love Hashira, at first glance, looks harmless and petite. Behind that facade lies a very muscular and flexible body, with which she was capable of ripping off Muzan’s arm completely. Mitsuri unlocked her Hashira mark, which gave her a commendable boost in physical strength. She uses a whip-like blade, using a very sophisticated and quick fighting style. She was also the Tsugoku (trainee) of Rengoku.

6. Kyojuro Rengoku

Hashira Ranked: The Flame Hashira
The Flame Hashira

The Flame Hashira is the only one whose full potential we’ve seen in the Mugen Train Arc, where he protects an entire train of passengers. Rengoku is the son of the former Fire Hashira. He taught himself breathing techniques from his father’s old book, starting at a very young age. He battled upper-rank #3 and almost had him. Akaza was so impressed by Rengoku that he suggested he should turn into a demon himself.

5. Obani Iguro

Hashira Ranked : The Serpent Hashira
The Serpent Hashira

The Serpent Hashira is known for the unique breathing style that he created himself. He wields a twisted Nichirin Katana, which matches his sword fighting style, which is similar to the slithering movements of a snake. He was the longest to last in the battle against Muzan, showcasing his endurance and strength. His pet snake gives him an advantage as it is trained to combat.

4. Giyu Tomioka – Demon Slayer Hashira Ranked

Hashira Ranked: The Water Hashira
The Water Hashira

Next comes the water pillar, Giyu, who had the most scenes in the anime. He uses water-breathing techniques to easily slice through demons. He will probably mentor Tanjiro in the future as they have similar breathing techniques. His strength lies In his precision and speed. He exhibits both in the Infinity Castle Arc, which is yet to be shown in the anime. So far, Giyu has got the most screen time in the anime. Every time he showcases his unwavering sharpness in his attacks no matter how much damage he has garnered.

3. Muichiro Tokito

Hashira Ranked: The Mist Hashira
The Mist Hashira

The Mist Hashira is an aloof person who seems absent-minded for most of his part. He has a short build and does not look strong compared to the previously mentioned pillars. We can witness Tokito’s full power in his battle with upper-rank #5. This is where he unlocks his Demon Slayer Mark. He overpowered the demon with ease and was simply toying around. Once he powered up, he beheaded the demon within seconds. Defeating the upper-rank #5 puts the Mist Hashira above the remaining pillars.

2. Sanemi Shinazugawa

The Wind Hashira - Sanemi
The Wind Hashira

The Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, lives up to his rugged and burly look with incredible physical prowess and speed. Sanemi proved his strength in confrontation with Kokushibo – the strongest demon in the world (physically). He is second to none other than the stone pillar. His sword fighting skills are on par with Gyomei which we can see in the Training Arc. He fought upper-rank #1 and was able to team up with Gyomei to beat him. Sanemi is one of the few that has unlocked their Demon Slayer Mark. All of this earns him the 2nd spot on the list.

1. Gyomei Himejima – Demon Slayer Hashira Ranked

Hashira Ranked: The Stone Hashira
The Stone Hashira

Uzui Gyomei admitted in the anime that the Stone Hashira is the strongest among them. Gyomei Himejima is one of the only Demon Slayers to become a Hashira in only two months. Although he is blind, he is the most feared and respected Hashira. He is capable of repelling ranking demons without using his Demon Slayer Mark. Muzan was astounded by Gyomei’s body’s incredible strength.

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