Assassination Classroom Season 1 Review: Theme and Underlying Constructs

Anime is renowned for tackling unusual and borderline bizarre topics and making them work. Assassination Classroom is one of the most strangely enjoyable anime which succeeds in pulling off a mind-bending concept. The government has tasked a group of teenage students with eliminating an octopus-like creature (Koro-sensei, who destroys half of the moon and threatens to do the same to Earth) who has been appointed to be their professor. Keep calm and read on for Assassination Classroom Season 1 review!

Kuro-sensei, the octopus professor - Assassination Classroom Season 1 Review
Kuro-sensei, the octopus professor

Season 1 Summary – Assassination Classroom Season 1 Review

Koro-sensei, an octopus-like creature out of nowhere, destroys the moon and threatens the government that he will do the same to Earth within a year. He is the homeroom teacher for Kunugigaoka Junior High School’s End Class, 3-E. The kids’ assignment is to kill their teacher. While Koro-sensei is a monster, he is also responsible for teaching the class subjects like mathematics and science along with assassination techniques.

The class is separated from the other students in the school. They are an example of the failures of society to the other students. Kuro-sensei helps the students study in unique ways, uplifts them, and restores the hope that the school had before taken away.

The "Assassination Classroom"
The “Assassination Classroom”

The Best Teacher

In most Shonen anime, the mentor trains the character to be their best self. Koro-sensei does this and more, allowing them to test their limitations on their own.

He took it upon himself to teach the “failures” and prove that with the right kind of attention, anyone can shine. While the assassination attempts by the students were failures, they still learned from them. Kuro-sensei gives his maximum support to his students – learning and guiding them. Never lets the students give up on their dreams. He allows them to fail so that they learn from it. This octopus-like creature is the best teacher they could ever ask for. He is their target, their friend, and their number 1 supporter. When everyone looks down on them, he sees the class for their potential.

An oddly wholesome relationship

Assassination classroom show's how learning can also be fun
Assassination Classroom shows how learning can also be fun

The relationship between Koro-sensei and the students is explored in many ways. He is an excellent teacher, as already discussed. Apart from that, he is also a friend to them and almost like a parent they never knew they needed. He devises unusual challenges for his students to complete to teach them valuable life skills. By the end, the students are completely ready to enter the real world and handle any difficulties that arise.

Assassination Classroom Season 1 Review: A Neat Binge-Worthy Anime

Season 1 is episodic, focusing on the difficulties that the kids of Class E experience and how they overcome them. Their initial lack of self-esteem transforms into stone-cold determination towards the end of the anime. Koro-Sensei deserves all of the credit. Even an older audience will find the anime uplifting on many levels. The conclusion displays how the students have internalized the lessons. They exceed their teachers’ expectations by demonstrating their ability to apply their talents in real life. They even learn to encourage one another, form teams, and work around each other’s strengths and shortcomings. Assassination Classroom features the most wholesome type of student-teacher relationship in anime.

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