Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Recap and Summary

Tokyo Revengers aired in 2021 as an adaptation of the Manga of the same name. Being a sci-fi, time-travel anime, it is easy to become disoriented by all the plot points. Here’s a quick Tokyo Revengers Season 1 recap for all the fans who are left going “Who? When? What?” after watching the first episode of Season 2.

Takemichi’s Time-Travel Abilities

Takemichi with his girlfriend, Hinata
Takemichi with his girlfriend, Hinata

Takemichi, at present, is a 20-year-old with no aim in life, simply waiting time. He finds out his school crush Hinata and her younger brother Naoto have died in an accident. Shortly, he is pushed onto the railway track and hit by the train, after which he finds himself back in his middle school self. He meets Naoto (child), and when they shake hands, he is transported back to the present. Naoto is investigating his sister’s death and informs Takemichi that he is the only one capable of preventing her death. Consequently, we learn about Takemichi’s time-traveling ability, where shaking hands with Naoto is the trigger.

Takemichi becomes a Member of Tokyo Manji – Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Recap

Hinata dies due to a ruckus caused by the Tokyo Manji gang. Tokyo Manji, or Toman for short, is a delinquent gang headed by Mikey. It was formed by Mikey along with five other of his friends (the original squad leaders). Takemichi is meant to join this gang and thereafter figure out how to prevent Hinata’s death.

Tokyo Revengers' most loved character, Mikey
Tokyo Revengers’ most loved character, Mikey

He keeps going back and forth between the present and the past, trying to change events that happened in the present. He prevents Draken’s (Mikey’s right-hand man) death (in a clash between Toman and Morbeus, which is another gang). This has been the catalyst for Tokyo Manji to be a notorious organization in the future.

He seemed to have succeeded. Still, Hinata dies again when Takemichi’s childhood friend Akkun drives into her car (where he finds out about Kisaki). Afterward, he meets Draken, who is on death row, to find out more about Kisaki. Draken warns him about Kisaki and says that his only regret is not having killed Kisaki. Furthermore, Takemichi has succeeded in becoming a member of Toman and winning Mikey’s favor.

With this in mind, he decides to become a top member of the Tokyo Manji (Toman) gang. On his return, he finds himself at the 3rd squad captain initiation ceremony (Pah Chan, the original leader quit). Thereupon he meets Kisaki Tetta, the anime’s antagonist, for the first time. During the ceremony, Baji (leader of squad one) quits and joins Valhalla (we later find out that he did this to investigate Kisaki).

The “Bloody Halloween” – Tokyo Revengers Season 1 recap

At this point, there are a total of three gangs in play – Toman, Moebius, and Valhalla. Moebius had previously clashed with Toman and was defeated (known as the 8/3 battle). After that, its leader (Osenai) quit being a gang member. The remaining members came under the leadership of Kisaki and joined Toman (Mikey approved this to enlarge Toman’s manpower against Valhalla).

We are presented with another time skip where Takemichi goes back to the present and finds out from Draken about the “Bloody Halloween“! It is a brawl between Toman and Valhalla where Mikey murders Kazutora (one of the founding members of Toman, who is now a top member of Valhalla) because he stabs Baji.

Takemichi is in a bind for real this time - Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Recap
Takemichi is in a bind for real this time

To prevent this from happening, he travels back in time. He could not prevent Baji from getting stabbed, so Baji stabs himself for Mikey to leave Kazutora alone. Takemichi achieved his goal in a roundabout way. He is also named squad one’s leader. In the next time-skip to the present – Takemichi is a top member of Toman. He is headed to an executive meeting where he sees some of his allies. Chifuya (vice-captain of squad one) is still working with him. In the climax, Takemichi and Chifuya are captured by Kisaki. He murders Chifuya and points the gun at Takemichi, calling him a “hero”! Season 1 leaves us with this mega cliffhanger. This ends the Tokyo Revengers Season 1 recap.

Quick Summary of Season 1

To summarize, Takemichi keeps traveling back and forth in time, correcting certain events in the past to change the future (prevent Hinata from dying initially, but later a lot more people get involved). The main event of Season 1 is the clash between Tokyo Manji and Valhalla (two delinquent gangs), where Mikey’s friend and squad one’s leader is killed. This is the “Bloody Halloween“! Tetta Kisaki, the main villain of this anime, is also introduced in this arc. We are left with Kisaki admitting that he is the mastermind behind the brawl and Takemichi at the wrong end of the gun!

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