Tower of God should be in your Anime watch List…

Tower of God Anime

They say what you desire – 1. Honor and Pride, 2. Power & Influence, 3. Money & Riches, 4. Revenge or, TO TRANSCEND ALL SUCH THINGS – all these desires make a person, a human. These dictate the reasons for which one wishes to climb the tower [ladder in Life] – If you wish for all these pleasures – then climb the TOWER AND BECOME A GOD… (Tower of God)

This is the story of Rachel – a girl who climbs the tower so, she could see the STARS & the 25th BAM, the boy who needed nothing but HER.

Synopsis of Tower of God

This anime is taken from a webtoon written by Slave In Utero[SIU][alias]/[Real name: Jong-hui Lee], sponsored by Crunchyroll’s Original. The reason this anime should be on your watch list is that it’s a hidden gem. It emphasizes character building and real-world storytelling in retrospect of its political background. Our MC 25th BAM is a regular at the tower while chasing a girl named Rachel. Apart from being OP from the beginning, Bam has something very unique to his personality. That is his past, which is completely unknown. To be precise, the real story that revolves around MC, is a deep dive into the hall of memories, of the TOWER. The tower symbolizes one’s journey of life towards their goal, making new friends, facing betrayals, understanding one’s internal values, and one’s Godly potential[i.e. GOD][Hence, Tower Of God].

Prologue to Tower of God

Characters from Tower of God

In season-1, Tower of God introduces a tower that summons chosen people called “Regulars” with the desire of granting one wish. Headlong carries the Regulars & Irregulars, where the gate of the tower opens for the regulars only. On the other hand, irregulars are the ones who open the gate of the tower by themselves, they don’t require an authority to follow or to obey, It makes them feared among other regulars. As the story progresses our MC encounters many challenges and tests.

This whole arc is based on training and gathering teammates for future endeavors. It also sets a base for further progression. There is nothing much to say here except [spoilers]. As a genuine reviewer, I will say that if you are looking for some EPIC adventure come fantasy Anime with a whole lot of plot twist & betrayal, and obviously some mind-bending action, then this is the right nutrition for your body and mind. [Just give it a try, you won’t be disappointed – till the last moment that follows. For certain reasons, you will end up hating Rachel]

If you need a brief example to set a reference then this story is as great as Hunter X Hunter, with a mix of power levels as strong as Dragon Ball Z, with a broad world as intricate as One Piece. It also includes some slice of comedy references from Pokemon. The whole concept is based on a fusion of all these great Anime mentioned above. The most unique feature of this story is the pace of storytelling in regards of a system. This system is fully based on corruption & malice, and we go further, climbing the tower – [Spoilers][Starting from living child experimentation for the sake of making new power ignition weapons, to baby killing or to abort pregnancies – this is where the Elite enjoy their power in the tower, by using and crushing the commoners – it is quite normal in the tower, as we climb up].

Final Analysis

  • Story (rating-9.2/10) – The narrative of the story is built around the MC. It is quite engaging and captivating. The creators have divided timelines among various individuals quite brilliantly. Such brilliant is its power distribution among high rankers to low rankers and regulars. Such is the greatness of the great Jahad [current ruler of the tower] and his princesses along with the 10 great families.
  • Character (rating-8.2/10) – As the story progresses, the characters grow and become more aware of their situation. Each plot twist unravels slow and smoothly, giving a new purpose to our protagonist. The power level of the 25th BAM increases slowly but at a rate quite exceptional as compared to his comrades. As for the other characters, each one of them has a well-defined backstory.
  • Art (rating-7.2/10) –If you are an anime fan, only then you are quite saved from the very disappointment of this webtoon [manhwa]. As far as the animation goes, it is good. However, using just a 2D approach is boring since nowadays animation is in a competitive zone. So as anime art style goes there are better things around than their Primitive approach. Apart from being an audience, you can just be optimistic.
  • Sound (rating-8.9/10) – The marvelous soundtracks used here is by none other than Kevin Penkin. Kevin Penkin is an award-winning Australian composer who composes music for video games, film, and stage concerts. Kevin debuted at the age of 18, collaborating on a Japanese video game with the Final Fantasy series composer Nobuo Uematsu. The sound used in Tower of God is very crisp and heart-warminng. Starting from its OSTs to the opening and ending songs, Stray Kids has done it all.
  • Waifu (rating-9.5/10) [Exceptional] – Yes, you are reading correctly as this is one of the exceptions in Tower of God. Here you shall meet one attractive female after another, except [1]. Our main protagonist is the king of simp and chads both at the same time. As the story progresses he keeps on adding hot people to his harem. Even though it’s not a Harem anime, but you might end up wishing for it. [Note: These people are none other than Tower princesses, as well as high-class elites]. They all fall for the same guy named 25th BAM. From Yuri Ha Jahad to Endorsi Jahad, Ehwa Yeon [Direct bloodline of Yeon Family, among the 10 great families, who offers her Oppai in the competition line, to be in his group while climbing the tower][Spoiler].

  • Overall (rating-8.6/10) – I was moved as to how psychologically realistic this story is. It isn’t cut and dry, “These characters are enemies and are only ever horrible because they are evil while our MC & his friends are forever righteous”. There is much more depth to it. There is always the question of whether what you’re doing is actually right. It is constantly brought to our attention that no matter how righteous your ideals appear to be from your perspective, you’re the villain to someone else’s story.


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