E3 2021 Announcements for Halo Infinite: What to Expect!

Halo Franchise

Halo was a radical newcomer when it first came out, but it has since evolved to become one of gaming’s most beloved franchises. It is a military science fiction media franchise. In the United States, it is developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios. Since the first Xbox, it has helped Microsoft sell consoles, and it appears that Halo Infinite will do the same with the Xbox Series X. Bungie was in charge of the franchise’s inception and early installments. The series revolves around Master Chief John-117. A member of a team of super-soldiers known as Spartans and his artificial intelligence partner, Cortana.

Halo Theme
An American military science fiction media franchise – Halo

Halo Infinite – Story Expectations

Halo Infinite appears to be a “soft relaunch” rather than a straight continuation of the tale we’ve already experienced. John 117, also known as the near-mystical Master Chief, has been the focus of the game’s whole marketing campaign. Microsoft’s 2019 in-engine reveal video confirmed this, showing him waking up from an icy cosmic slumber.

Master Chief from Halo
John-117 a.k.a. Master Chief

343 has also admitted that by the end of Halo 5, things were starting to get a little confusing for players who weren’t up to date on the lore from a host of previous titles of Halo. It also said that Infinite should act as a better starting point that almost sounds like soft reboot territory. 

Halo 4 and 5’s complicated narratives disappointed many fans who were expecting a more nuanced plot. Players in Halo 5 may switch between Master Chief’s and Spartan Locke’s viewpoints. This switching viewpoints offered some interesting contrasts but also allegedly muddled the plot. That appears to be changing, as 343 Industries has stated that Infinite would place a greater emphasis on Master Chief.

Halo Infinite – Gameplay

In the above clip, we get our first glimpse at Infinite gameplay. It’s a diverse piece of gameplay that includes a story, some vehicle maneuvering, and a lot of shooting. The demo is appropriately stunning in terms of its flexibility.

Pre-release images gathered from the game’s box art have already prompted a lot of speculation. The blue pillars of light in the distance signaling locations of interest suggests that Infinite will push the boundaries of what we can expect from Halo (both literally and symbolically). It will either be an open-world game or have some degree of player discretion over what goals to tackle next. Featuring a bigger environment to explore is what the video appears to corroborate.

You’ll need to utilize the new grappling hook to get around the map. The grappling hook can be connected to opponents, objects, and walls to help you travel around and overcome obstacles. This hook should enable us to approach goals in a variety of ways. As we saw in the demo, the hook proved quite beneficial in bringing down three anti-air guns. The opponents are all familiar faces, and the weapons look, sound, and feel exactly as visceral and dramatic as they have in the past.

Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Mode

Microsoft made a big announcement concerning Halo Infinite’s multiplayer component during their massive E3 presentation in 2021. The multiplayer component will be totally free to play. It also has the ability to reach a large number of players who do not want to buy the game.

In this multiplayer mode, you’ll be able to personalize your armor, shoulder pads, kneepads, gloves, helmet, visor, and helmet attachments. You’ll also be able to choose your own AI from a variety of voices and fit it into your helmet, just like Master Chief does with Cortana. Along with the typical selection of strong and diverse weaponry, there’s also a peek at how you may personalize your Spartan with different colors, giving you lots of options.

Master Chief and his AI companion Cortana
Master Chief and his AI companion Cortana

It’s a wonderful choice in an age where free games are popular. We’re curious to see how gamers react to the possibility of a wider community. Aside from that, the action is frenzy and exciting as the clip emphasizes the unexpected consequences that make the game enjoyable to battle in.


We already know that Xbox is marketing Halo Infinite as a crucial title for the Xbox Series X, which makes sense given its huge popularity. But you might be surprised to learn that it will also be available on Xbox One. Microsoft does not want to force consumers to upgrade to enjoy the latest games right away, so Halo Infinite will be accessible on both current-generation and next-generation platforms as part of its Smart Delivery program. When you buy any version, you get backward and forward compatibility.

According to a recent blog post, the game will be critical for Xbox’s PC presence. It will feature a complete PC version with ultra-wide compatibility and sophisticated graphical choices. Furthermore, there will be cross-progression and cross-play between Xbox and PC, so you will never be separated based on your platform of choice.

Release Date

Halo Infinite has been delayed until August 2020 due to many concerns, including pandemic difficulties and audience reaction to the Halo Infinite teaser. During this year’s E3, it has now been announced that the game will be released in the fall of 2021, up to a year later than previously anticipated.

We don’t have a precise date at this moment. We do know that Xbox and 343 Industries considered several solutions to the delay, such as serializing Infinite or releasing the multiplayer separately from the single-player.

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