Rick and Morty Season 5 Finale Explained

The finale of the adult swim Rick and Morty finally explains all the questions that were posed to the viewers throughout all its other seasons. But also finally gave some conclusion to a rather fragmented story that lacked continuity. In Rick and Morty Season 5, we the viewers get to finally understand the characters and their motivations even better. Why is Rick’s character the way it is and what is his backstory and motivations? all of this is finally given some context by the director Mark Justin Roiland and it seems we were finally given some insight to maybe what seems like the origin story of evil Morty.

How Rick and Morty Season 5 successfully subverts expectations

In Rick and Morty the first use of expectation subversion is shown when the backstory of Rick is revealed. The speculation around the origin and backstory of Rick’s character. And how his life was before joining the Smith family and him becoming this god-like figure that he is now


40-year-old Morty finally meeting Rick
40-year-old Morty finally meeting Rick

Rick’s backstory was teased by the writers in Season 3. It is shown that Rick’s wife and daughter Diane and Beth were killed by a multiverse version of himself. But also reveals that all of that was fabricated. So we are back to square one and a trope is formed. The writers had to pull the rug every time the audience was close to figuring out Rick’s back story. Hence surprisingly in Rick and Morty Season 5, we got something completely unexpected. We got to know finally know his backstory out of nowhere.

Rick’s true origin and backstory explained

Ricks young life to what he has come to be
Ricks young life to what he has come to be

During the events of episode 8, Rick works with a memory of himself to rebuild his best friend bird person. As Rick discusses the intricacies of his life with himself it is revealed that Diana and Beth did, in fact, die when Rick was younger and not only that but this memory version of Rick outright says that our rick has ‘lived with a version of our dead daughter‘. It turns out that the flashback in Season 3 was true. The Rick that the viewers know of now did not have a family for the better part of his adult life.

Rick creating The Citadel

As Rick’s backstory unravels we understand that because of his trauma that was caused by the death of Diane and Beth he goes out into the multiverse to seek revenge from Rick that killed them but with time he becomes more jaded as he has to kill alternate versions of himself but growing tired of the violence he agrees to a truce, helping other Rick’s build the famed Citadel of Ricks. But still, a massive hole is clearly left in his heart that is the need for a family.

Breaking the Cycle with Evil Morty

Evil Morty's interaction with Rick and Morty in Season 5
Evil Morty’s interaction with Rick and Morty in Season 5

Evil Morty came in as a mysterious character in season 3. As non of his actions were clearly explained it was hard to figure out his character. That was until Season 5. Where his Intentions and motives finally came to light. Evil Morty reveals that Rick and his alternate versions created a wall around the multiverse. This wall is known as the central finite curve. And due to this wall it blacks of all the realities where Rick isn’t the smartest person in that universe. Therefore just saying that in every reality Morty is doomed to lose. Hence, also portraying this as a symbolism of capitalism.

Evil Morty expresses that he can’t go on living like a figure who is constantly suppressed by Rick. Hence, he decides to leave the multiverse and the central finite curve. The reason the apparent Evil Morty became who he is, is rather simple. Free will is all Evil Morty aspires to have. And to live his life out of the torment of living in the curve. His sadness about Morty’s meaning nothing to Ricks is his purpose to get out of this place.

He finally realizes that the cycle of abuse in Rick and Morty’s relationship is neverending. And the cycle where Rick is constantly the god. Evil Morty is not someone who wants to conquer something. Or even aspire for something like world domination. Evil Morty is nothing but a guy who just can’t take it anymore and wants to leave this place of torment.

The real meaning of the ending of Rick and Morty Season 5

Young Rick contemplating his life
Young Rick contemplating his life

We finally understand that Rick isn’t actually the smartest person in the universe. He is just the smartest person in the multiverses he has created for himself. As evil Morty breaks this down for us, Rick’s narcissism is heavily dealt with. And now as all of the secrets of Rick are revealed in future seasons we might see how their relationship changes from this point on. And there could be occasional appearances of evil Morty.

This expectation subversion portrayed in season 5 is not only beautiful but also brings along the main themes of this show. It finally explains some of the things and why they were that way. As we see Evil Morty successfully leave we witness the show not going as our expectations. And that is why the ending of Season 5 is a rather bittersweet one.

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