The Batman (2022): Trailer and Release Date

As one of the most anticipated upcoming movies, The Batman is finally going to release in theaters in just a few months. Fans have been waiting for its arrival for quite some time. It was delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic but is finally set for the reveal.

The batman cover

Release Date (The Batman)

The initial tentative date of the movie’s release was in October 2021. But it got postponed for various reasons. Now the movie is coming in next year. It’s set for March 4, 2022, to receive a mass release in the theaters.

The Batman – trailer

The trailer indicates a showdown between Batman and his arch-villain, The Riddler. Riddler is already in jail. He gives out “riddles” to Batman and the police about a series of murders. As Batman is still in his early years of chasing after injustice, he is young and has not fully blossomed. He is hot-blooded, yet to become a symbol. His actions in the movie will be full of vengeance and anger. He is likely to hunt down villainy with a greater ferocity and recklessness this time around.

The Batman has always been a favorite (and resistant) character to showcase in different takes. This one takes an even newer departure from that protean formula.

The Batman will be more like a detective “noir” rather than a superhero-ish take. After all, the character of Batman originally was conceived as “world’s greatest detective,” by Bob Kane and Bill Finger for DC comics way back in 1939. A time when “film noir” was taking on a strong shape in American cinema and classic pulp fiction. This adaptation goes for a similar, updated “neo-noir” vibe in keeping with that original tone. A young Bruce Wayne has to rack his brains to solve the secrets. Apart from sinister riddles, there are additional enemies to face. More than just the numbers, their power is also nerve-wracking. Overall from the trailer, we get the feeling that this movie is going to be a hell of a ride!

Other info

The Batman is a reboot of sorts following Ben Affleck‘s outing as the ‘dark knight’ in the DC universe. Although Affleck was initially connected to the project as an extension of that before Robert Pattinson was roped in for a whole new take. Pattinson is a star attraction with his reinvention of himself as a gritty actor with range. This particular movie takes inspiration from the themes in the graphic novels Batman: Year One and The Long Halloween among other things. It goes for a young Bruce, only in his second year of chasing after the bad guys. In this movie, his emotions will take charge rather than his rationality. He will explore like an energized ball, smashing around the big, murky city. The villains might be difficult to deal with. But as a young and brilliant mind, how he overcomes them is the crux of the tale.

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The Batmanlook

What’s more interesting is the appearance of villains who haven’t appeared in a long time in film adaptations. It appears to be a somewhat novel and ambitious take on the Caped Crusader and his rogues’ gallery like the Gotham TV series attempted to do. How it lands in accordance with its vision, only time will tell.


The main villain in this movie, The Riddler, is a puzzle-loving guy with a macabre sense of humor, so the audience will also share the same heat as Batman in challenging him. The riddles may look complex (what with all the symbols and words), but hardcore fans are likely to have an easy time. Reeves has stated that he derived Riddler’s persona for this movie from the infamous ‘Zodiac’ killer.

This ‘investigative’ Batman with an explosive nature is rarer. As it is just the beginning of Batman, fans have to be patient with his development. It will be thrilling to see an unexplored side of the super-wealthy Bruce Wayne. Vengeance as his primary motive to thrive forward seems almost godlike and noble here, in contrast to the toned-down, rational Nolan adaptations. At least that’s the feeling I got when I heard the line “I am vengeance” from Batman.

Robert Pattinson batman
Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne

Cast & crew details

Batman – Robert Pattinson

Riddler – Paul Dano

Penguin – Colin Farrell

Cat woman – Zoe Kravitz

Director: Matt Reeves

Cinematography: Greig Fraser

Music: Michael Giacchino

” Fear is a tool. And when that light hits the sky, it’s not just a call, it’s a warning.”

Narrator/Bruce Wayne (The Batman)

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