Peaky Blinders Season 6 – Everything you need to know!

Peaky Blinders is, undoubtedly, the most popular British series of our time. The series has outperformed itself season after season, giving Cillian Murphy worldwide acclaim. It feels like Cillian Murphy was born to play the role of Thomas Shelby and rule over our hearts. Countless fans have mimicked the Shelby accent since the show started airing on Netflix. The gangster drama has now been confirmed to receive another season, which will soon air on BBC One and then Netflix.


The Shelby brothers from Peaky Blinders
The Shelby brothers

The majority of the main cast of Peaky Blinders is set to return for the final season. Cillian Murphy will obviously be returning as Tommy Shelby, with Paul Anderson also returning as Arthur Shelby. Natasha O’Keeffe will also be returning as Lizzie Shelby, as she confirmed on Twitter. Unfortunately, Charlie Murphy has confirmed her role in the show as Jessie Eden is done. Polly Shelby may not be present in the final season, as Helen McCrory passed away in April 2021 after a long fight with cancer. Annabelle Wallis will also be returning as Grace Shelby in season 6, though it is unknown how, since her character died in season 3.

Several actors have been signed on for season 6 so far. Stephen Graham will appear, albeit it is uncertain what role he will play. Many fans have drawn the conclusion that he’ll be reprising his role as Al Capone from Boardwalk Empire, with no official word yet. Even Julia Roberts has joined in the ensemble of season 6, with an unknown role as yet. More actors that will star are Rebecca Keatley, James Frecheville, Brits Amber Anderson, and Conrad Khan.

Possible Plot of Peaky Blinders Season 6

Tommy Shelby
Tommy Shelby

Unlike the previous seasons, season 6 will follow right from where season 5 ended. The season will possibly not have any time jumps in its start, breaking its seasonal tradition in favor of continued storytelling. The plot will definitely pick up from the end of Season 5, with the failed assassination of Sir Oswald Mosely. It will also follow Gina Gray and her family much closer, with her possible ties to the assassination’s failure.

Showrunner Steven Knight has said that the COVID-19 pandemic helped him refine the plot of the final season and polish it even further. He even expects season 6 to be the best season so far. However, as much as we say, we all know we can expect many twists coming our way in season 6. Since the show is now about to enter the 1930s, we can expect the threat of World War II to loom throughout the season. This also ties into the original idea Steven Knight had with the show is by making it the story of the ambition of a family between two wars.

Release date

Tommy Shelby and gang
Tommy Shelby and gang

The sixth season of Peaky Blinders was announced in January 2021, and similar to the other seasons, it will have 6 episodes in total. Season 6 will also be the last season the show will receive, concluding the entire series after an 8-year run. The final season of Peaky Blinders has not yet received an official release date.

Future of Peaky Blinders

Tommy and Grace from Peaky Blinders
Tommy and Grace

We can expect the story of the Shelby family to not end with Peaky Blinders. We might be seeing a potential spin-off, as even Steven Knight wishes to continue the story beyond the show. The creator’s original vision was to end the show with seven seasons, followed possibly by a movie. Though the show is ending with the sixth season, Steven Knight has asked fans to remain hopeful for a final movie. The movie will possibly end on 25 June 1940, the day the first air raid siren of World War II rang in Birmingham.

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