God of War PC – A dream come true for gamers!

PlayStation’s flagship franchise’s latest installment is now coming to PC! Many gamers have been looking forward to God of War coming out on PC since its original release, and now this dream is about to come true. Santa Monica Studio has announced that they will be bringing their 2018 game to PC after its amazing sales performance on PlayStation 4. As of August 2021, 19.5M copies of God of War have been sold.


Kratos and Atreus
Kratos and Atreus

The franchise began in 2005 with the first game’s release on PlayStation 2. David Jaffe created the franchise at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. The first game was released exclusively on PlayStation 2. It followed the story of a Spartan soldier, Kratos, as he defeated Ares and took his place as the God of War. The sequel God of War II was released on PlayStation as well in 2007. After that, two side games followed the sequel, both serving as prequels to the original game.

The third entry, and the fifth game overall, released exclusively on PlayStation 3. With God of War III, the original trilogy came to an end, with the death of Zeus at the hands of Kratos. Another PlayStation Portable was released after God of War III, titled Ghost of Sparta. The only game with multiplayer released after Ghost of Sparta on PlayStation 3 in 2013, titled Ascension.

A text-based and mobile AR game came out shortly before the franchise’s latest installment. God of War came out in 2018 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. The game shifted the franchise from Greek mythology to Norse mythology and changed Kratos’ motive from revenge to redemption. It also introduced Atreus, Kratos’ son from his second wife. God of War completely changed the direction of the franchise and made major changes to the gameplay as well.

What to know about the God of War PC release


Santa Monica Studios has promised to utilize the full capabilities that the platform provides in God of War PC. Players will be able to play the game in 4K resolution, on supported devices, with unlocked frame rates for peak performance. The game will give the option of fine-tuning the game via a wide range of graphical presets and options. The options include higher resolution shadows, improved screen-space reflections, the addition of GTAO and SSDO, and much more.

The game will also be using the full range of NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling’s (DLSS) AI power to boost frame rates and generate beautiful, sharp images on select NVIDIA GPUs. Along with that, the game will have a wide range of choices in controllers, as players will be able to use DualShock4 and DualSense wireless controllers, with many other game-pads in addition. For its cinematic visuals, the game will support a 21:9 widescreen for its theatrical vision.

Visuals of God of War

The PC release will also have some additional bonus content:

  • Death’s Vow Armor Sets for Kratos and Atreus
  • Exile’s Guardian Shield Skin
  • Buckler of the Forge Shield Skin
  • Shining Elven Soul Shield Skin
  • Dökkenshieldr Shield Skin

As of now, now system requirements for the game is not released. God of War will release on PC on January 14, 2022, with its pre-purchase already available on Steam and Epic Games.

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