Squid Game Season 2 Release Date and series recap

Squid Game Official Poster
Squid Game Official Poster

Squid game is certainly on its way to becoming the most popular TV show and has broken giant records all over the world. It would be unfair to say that in some sense it is still extremely overhyped at this point. But even to the show’s unforeseeable popularity, it has broken a lot of barriers. Especially the barrier of language, to be able to make to this stance now. The Director, Hwang Dong-hyuk did an incredible job telling a very simple story with great production. There are obviously a lot of drawbacks to it, but it is still a really good show on its own without the hype.

A Recap to Squid Game and What we know so far

Squid Game follows Gi-Hun, a man who is down on his luck after losing just about everything that means something to him. His marriage has failed, he has lost his job, and is deep over his head threatened by gangsters. He now faces the fact that his daughter is going to leave South Korea with her mother and new family. To make matters worse his mother is also at death’s door and she requires medical treatment in order to save her life. However, his fortune seemingly changes when he meets a man at a train station who offers him an opportunity for life and death’s time.

Desperate for money Gi-Hun finds himself somewhat squad snapped and drafted into a battle royale between himself and 456 other contestants worth a grand price of billions. Throughout the series we watch as the players whittle down to one; in games of red and green light, honeycombs, tug of war, hopscotch, and one that will have you losing your marbles due to the betrayals in it.

Along the way, Gi-Hun meets an elderly man assigned the number 1. The fact that he is the first drafted in the game should give you a clue about his true identity disclosed in the end. Gi Hun is of the last number and we observe him as he works his way up to number 1.

How colours play a significant role in the show

The significant colours of the Squid Game
The significant colors of the Squid Game

The season is a blast to watch and early on it sets up this idea of division within colors that thematically end up coming together by the end. The show introduces the colors red and green, and these are actually classed as opposites on the color spectrum. The passwords mention both of them. They become the name of the first game and even the contestants wear green while the guards are red. The show is absolutely laced with these opposing colors, and they in many ways very much represent the divide between the powerful and powerless.

As we know from our own society. This divide is evident between the rich and poor and we learn that there are a vast number of wealthy men who actually oversee the entire operation and that this is all for their entertainment. Rather than seeing them as people, they are just mere numbers for them.

What’s in store for Season 2

The confirmation of Season 2 for the show is still on hold. Looking at the success of the show it’s definitely going to see a season 2. And it would release around 2023 or 2024.

Squid Game Season 2 anticipation
Season 2 anticipation

Predictions for Squid Game Season 2

For Season 2, we believe that Gi-Hun will meet up with Hwang Jun-Ho; that together the pair will end up going to the island in order to stop the games. Gi-Hun is gassed during transportation so he does not know how to get there. However, Hwang Jun-Ho does if he made it out and managed to swim back to the mainland. With Gi-Hun’s resources and newfound life, he’ll be able to equip Hwang Jun-Ho with the necessary means to take down the Squid Game Gang.

This is obviously a big twist as one of the lessons he learned in his mother’s death was not to abandon those that he loved; he’s very much abandoning hundreds of people to their deaths if he decides to travel to LA. He witnesses the end in which he’s sacrificing his own happiness in order to help others. Again this is something that Il-Nam would never do and thus it’s a great signal of the character coming full circle.

Potential of Squid Game Season 2

Now there are other potentials for season 2 and we do know that the games have been going on for decades. The evidence they even existed in the ’80s and it is interesting to explore not only their origins but also the individual founders. Either way, there’s a lot of potential directions they could take it in, and I have to say I absolutely loved this season and can’t wait to see more.

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