7 Khoon Maaf: Genre-Defying Classic

‘7 Khoon Maaf’ or ‘Seven Sins Forgiven‘ is a film, you should take note of. Originally based on the novella of Ruskin Bond’s ‘Susanna and her Seven Husbands’, this movie brings life to those characters. There’s a slight difference but overall it’s the same story. Hence it is one of the best movies.

7 sins= 7 husbands

7 sins are famous. The deadly seven sins, haunting humans. Unspoken entities in the bible. Sometimes these 7 only live in single individuals. But here the 7 are in seven different ones. Those are the husbands of famous lonely Susanna. Susanna suffers from loneliness. She is yearning for love but always finds the wrong tablets. Even though she finds it hard, she crosses out all the wrong things in her life. A character like her is hard to find but Priyanka as an actress aced the character of Susanna. For all the sins she has committed, she finds herself in another marriage to be forgiven. She, at last, embraces the almighty himself and finds true happiness.

Susanna and her first husband Major Jealous, 7 khoon maaf
Susanna with her first husband

From the point of view of Susanna, her life is full of misery. She is rich and well off but doesn’t have a companion to share her life with. She marries six times, but it fails all at last. Her journey to find happiness ends in dark, gloomy clothes. She has had to mourn every time she marries. Can we sympathize with her? In some aspects, we can, but not in all. Her failed marriage is due to her own selfishness. She fails to find a better man in those abundant resources. But that can’t be a reason to end every marriage with a death flag.

an experienced old lady Susanna and her sugar candy Arun, 7 khoon maaf
Susanna looking for solace in her sugar candy

Even though, the character Susanna is portrayed very well. The emotions and dignity of a woman, going through the stages of womanhood are represented. Her seven husbands are seven stages of a married woman. The life of the woman is surely hard.

7 themes but genre?

The movie “7 Khoon Maaf” has several themes, like jealousy, pride, greed, selfishness, trust, love, and many. Still, it’s hard to tell which genre this movie belongs to. It is neither a thriller nor a horror. It’s not romance too. So what exactly is the genre of this brilliant movie? Can’t tell. When the main actress herself can’t say which one, then how can we! This movie is like a genre in itself. It is truly a genre-defying classic. A classic tale of flamboyant Susanna and her seven trials and errors.

Priyanka in 7 khoon maaf as Susanna
Traumatised Susanna

Even without a genre, this movie can take place in spots on the walls of the cinema. Well, it already made its mark many years ago. Susanna and her trusted aids are cool and classic. Such interesting characters will never bore. Isn’t the story great? It also has a weird similarity to the story of “Bluebeard and his seven wives”. The number seven is truly mysterious. Both Bluebeard and Susanna stop at number seven. (Even the movie itself shows the hint)

Susanna enjoying
Susanna enjoys with her loved ones

The movie “7 Khoon Maaf “can be placed in crime, but is it really? Some of the deaths happened due to natural ones like being eaten by a wild animal or bitten by a snake. Some are just overdoses of drugs that are self-caused. And one is due to a snow-slide or something. ( does it even come to the surface?). But yes, there is one murder committed by Susanna. Susanna kills her sixth mistake with a gun. The metal splatters his head. However, that was an act of self-defense. Her life was in danger. Such an exponential threat was lingering around her, so she eliminates it. That wicked doctor was greedy and wanted her inheritance. Hence, he was plotting to kill her. But Susanna intercepted it.

The last act

That is clearly an act of self-defense. Hence there is no crime in the name of Susanna. Although the movie screams crime. Susanna justifies herself in the court of the Lord Mighty. In the court of God, her sins are forgiven and she has a new life. She enjoys pure happiness from the Lord himself.

The last stage
Last stage in Susanna’s life

The life of Susanna is adventurous, Her brave voyage to find true love and happiness causes her some traumas. But the sacrifices made by her trusted and loved ones takes her ashore. They firmly hold her and don’t let her be taken away by waves. Her actions don’t deserve sympathy, but neither the men. The one true man in her life is her seventh last husband, The Lord.

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