Garden of Words: finding friends

A faint clap of thunder. Even if rain comes not, I will stay here, Together with you

Takao in The Garden of Words
Garden of Words, Takao meets Yukina
Takao meets Yukina

The garden is somewhere where you find life. It’s full of blooming lives. In that place, you find two souls who are trying to find meaning in their lives. Those two poor souls are all alone in this world full of lives. They are trying to fit themselves into this world. In the last scope, they find each other who can understand or comfort each other. The garden of silence turns into a Garden of Words.

Garden- boy meets woman

Takao is an ordinary 15-year-old schoolboy. He wishes to become a shoemaker in the future. He skips his class one rainy day and meets a young woman who was also skipping her work. The two have a lot in common when they start interacting with each other. Soon, they become somewhat friends and started meeting each other. The boy found someone with who he can communicate his future with and the woman found comfort in that boy.

Takao and Yukina
Takao and Yukina in the shade

Soon the boy gets to know that woman is the teacher of his school but still doesn’t give up his feelings. The teacher suddenly quits her job and goes back to her hometown. Before going, they meet up and re-confirm their feelings in their garden of words. The woman tells him that the time they spent together in the garden saved her and will be forever grateful.

Words save lives

In the lonely world, two souls find life in each other. Alas one is a boy and the other is a woman but that doesn’t stop them from being the pillars of strength they needed. The matured woman comforts herself in the friendship of a young 15-year-old boy. The pair is a bit strange but pleasant. This unusual pair is not uncommon but a perfect fit for telling a story of loneliness. The loneliness they both have is cured by spending time with each other.

They meet rather coincidently on a rainy day. The rain poured like no other day washing away the tears of people. It was comforting for those who were lonely in this bustling world. That’s when the boy meets the woman. The aspiring shoemaker finds inspiration in the woman whereas the woman feels warmth in the boy.

Reminiscing moments
Reminiscing moments

Garden of words offers a remarkable story of a pair who were in dire need of someone in their life. The two were almost falling out from their lives but they find support in each other. Their friendship gives way to strong emotions that overcame their age barrier and profession. It is destiny that they meet and form a bond. Their interaction goes even after Takao graduates and pursues his dream. He wanted to become stable and reaffirm his feelings. The story is so good that it will make you teary eyed. In a lonesome world, finding support is rather difficult. These two manage to find it. They become each others light in the pitch darkness.

Takao meet Yukina in a rainy-day Garden of Words
Sparks of a conversation

That’s where the success lies. To gain something you have to speak for yourself. Here they speak for each other and find themselves what they needed the most. A heartwarming tale of friendship, compassion, love, and belonging. How does it end? Well, its a new beginning for them. Hence, their memories linger keeping their friendship everlasting.

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