The Humanity Bureau: Warning for the Future

The Humanity Bureau is a 2017 movie that gives a vague view of the unforeseen future. The future is unpredictable and our actions in the present will determine the pleasantness of times to come. Of course, what this science fiction shows may seem unreal but not impossible. The future imagined in the movie is so horrifying that it questions our humanity. Starring Nicholas Cage, the humanity bureau speaks of a dystopia that threatens our morality and clouds our judgment.

Humanity bureau
The protagonists in Humanity Bureau

Humanity in future

The Humanity Bureau is a government organization that checks on inefficient humans. Climate change, null resources, pollution every single human-caused trauma has doomed humanity. Now, for better survival, the government formed a bureau to filter out inefficient humans. The story is told from the point of view of an agent of the bureau- Noah Kross. This agent carries out the events designed by the bureau. He starts investigating the New Eden city created for inefficient humans. The truth shocks him and he tries to escape to Canada with his son. However, he dies and only his son survives to tell the tale of New Eden.

The agemt
The agent charged with the task of filtering efficient people

The movie really treats humans as guinea pigs. For the survival of a community, the law of jungle is inhibited. Survival of the fittest. Only efficient people are in need and the rest of the population just fades away. The government reflects tyranny and what happens to the inefficient ones is not known to others. Although they try to keep the people in check, they still fail. After all, the one keeping the tab is nothing but a human. Hence at some point, they are bound to fail. Their doom starts when one of their agents tries to investigate.


The actions of humans will have consequences. However, unlike laws of physics, the aftermath of our misdeeds might hit us with a hundred times greater power. The power of nature is not something to laugh at. ‘Geostorm‘ is a good example. All the actions destroyed the very future of humanity. Hence, they have to live their life almost perfectly. All their actions are monitored twenty-four seven. What the movie shows may be a distant reality but a reality that is surely possible. It is like a convex mirror where objects are closer than they appear.

In the middle of investigation
The agent anticipating the consequences of his action

The treatment of humans will deteriorate in the coming future. We don’t know what kind of calamity will fall upon humanity. Maybe humans will lead themselves to their own deaths. Well, that is for sure. Human is the only creature that tries to survive when faced with the threat of mass extinction.

The humanity bureau is a funny organization. They are like grim reapers reaping souls. Humans sometimes tend to be insanely creative for stupid reasons. Humans produce greater waste in an attempt to reduce it. Although they think it’s foolproof, it still raises questions. Thus, the secret opens like a pandora box in front of the world. Revealing the secret of heaven the New Eden city.

Contemplating conditions of humanity

For this kind of future to not happen, we have to become efficient here in present. What’s the point to become efficient after exhausting the very resources. It’s better to improve the situation and survive in a good environment in hopes of a better future.

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