Begin Again Film Summary and Underlying Themes

The film Begin Again is a perfect piece of art. Its release date was June 27th, 2014. It has an exquisite cast. This romance comedy movie became such a hit thanks to John Carney, who directed and wrote the screenplay of the film. This movie became so effortlessly perfect because of Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Adam Levine, Hailee Steinfeld, Catherine Keener, and none other than comedian James Corden.

If you ask anyone about the film Begin Again, they will only say nice and emotional things about it. Creative people who love music, have felt lonely, or have been cheated on in some way will appreciate it from a different angle. That point of view will be memorable, and it will be full of personality.

Begin Again Film – Summary

Couple Greta James (Keira Knightley) and Dave Kohl (Adam Levine) land in New York after a major record label offers a deal to Dave. Greta is a sensational songwriter, and also she writes songs with her boyfriend from time to time. Dave starts recording songs for his album at a New York-based recording studio, Electric Lady. On a work trip to Los Angeles, he ends up sleeping with a girl from the record label. Greta ends up leaving their place the second she discovers it. She then takes a roof at Steve’s (James Corden) apartment.

Steve, like her, is a busker and a singer. He occasionally performs at a club, and one night he brings Greta. She is in tatters since her lover, with whom she had been living for five years, cheated on her. As destiny would have it, Dan Mulligan – a former record executive and producer, was captivated by her song in that club. He offered her an offer, which she declined graciously. Greta decides to consider it only after knowing that he was recently fired. She decides to try, but Dan’s companion, Saul, declines.

Determined, Dan decides to record a whole album live in New York City in some of the city’s iconic locations. This is when Dan finds someone with whom he can share his love for music. Dan and Greta start their healing journey the minute they start making music. Little do they know that their whole lives will be changed, and they will find new hope.

Live album recording
Live album recording

Begin Again Film – Underlying Themes


It is above us all, and the film Begin Again shows that. Music has a way of healing, and perhaps some can have a relationship with it that is difficult to discover with a mortal creature. Dan and Greta are musicians whose partners have cheated on them. They both experienced mental breakdowns, loneliness, and other difficulties, and music saved them both. They were able to face the world again and leave their worries behind as a result of it.

Greta would have returned to England, and who knows what would have happened to Dan if it hadn’t been for music. Music saved them and made them feel human again. Greta made a good start as a singer-songwriter after selling 10,000 copies in the first 24 hours, and Dan got his job back and his wife back. Greta was also able to accept reality and find hope.

Conversation with her ex-boyfriend
Conversation with her ex-boyfriend
New hopes (Begin Again Film)
New hopes

One of the most touching aspects of this film is how they met their partner through music, got cheated on, and finally found peace through music. Music assisted them in navigating their lives. Begin Again was a delightful description of the music.

Dan and Greta listening to each other's playlist
Dan and Greta listening to each other’s playlist


Begin Again also did an excellent job of highlighting friendship. Greta meets her friend Steve from England after arriving in New York. The scene in which they bounce gleefully and excitedly was confirmation of this. When Dave cheated on her, it was Steve who provided her with a roof over her head as she sought refuge on his sofa. Dan and Greta’s relationship was nothing short of miraculous. It felt like two friends who love music got together, and the proof was the fun they had making music all over NYC.

Greta and Steve (Begin Again Film)
Greta and Steve (Begin Again Film)

It wasn’t just them but the friendship she gained after she started making her album. She gets to bond with great musicians like Malcolm and Rachel, also with the rest of the band members.

Loneliness (Begin Again Film)

This movie tackles loneliness gracefully. The makers showed what it is like to feel lonely, as Greta and Dan were alone before they met. Greta was away from home and in a foreign land. Dan was also lonely and away from her daughter. He was living in this apartment, and he wasn’t allowed in his own home.


This film showcased how beneficial writing can be; in Greta’s case – songwriting, which was her therapeutic method. When the movie starts, she sings the well-written song ‘A Step You Can’t Take Back‘, which draws Dan in.

Business Cruelty

It is hard to start a business, but sometimes people get fired from their own companies. Dan was fired from his record label by his partner and co-founder Saul; indeed, it was very cruel.

Cheating and Adultery

It is clearly shown in the movie how tempting and character-changing the music industry can be. Greta’s long-time boyfriend and also songwriting partner had an affair with Mim. The same happened with Dan. His wife committed adultery while she was in Europe. It discloses perfectly how easy it is for people to become unfaithful once they reach a certain level in the music industry.

Maybe people in the music industry just don’t make good life partners.

Dan Mulligan, Begin Again

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