Evil Dead Rise Review and Film Summary

The Evil Dead franchise, which is famously notorious for its gory and bloody horror, is back with its 5th installation. Written and directed by Lee Cronin, Evil Dead Rise was released in April 2023. Lily Sullivan and Alyssa Sutherland will play the roles of Beth and Ellie, two sisters who struggle to make ends meet. The movie is set in a run-down apartment building in Los Angeles. Very different from the previous campsite located in the wilderness. As a horror fan, I’ve tried to be mostly unbiased and straightforward while writing this Evil Dead Rise review.

Movie Summary

The movie centers on a family of four – three children and their mother. One night the Mum’s sister drops by for a visit to discuss her matters. An earthquake follows, revealing a gap in the apartment complex parking lot. Danny (one of the children) explores it and finds a mysterious book along with some records. Against Bridget’s (Danny’s sister) warnings, the boy opens the book and plays the recording, unleashing a violent demonic entity that possesses their mother. She turns into a Deadite and goes on a killing spree, hunting down her family. A big part of the movie is the aunt and the youngest child fighting off Deadites.

The book of the dead that made mom go crazy
The Book of the Dead made Mom go cray-cray

An Underwhelming Script – Evil Dead Rise Review

After Danny releases the demon, Ellie (their mother) is possessed. The five-minute-long scene of the mother’s possession gives the impression that this movie will live up to expectations. Once the mother comes back home to the children, the tension between them is believable enough. The movie fails to deliver the heartbreaking that would result from a mother abusing her children. The characters’ pain does not do not feel real. It almost feels like they are strangers. There are moments when the children are idly sitting about, having a casual conversation while their mother is outside the apartment door killing their neighbors.

When Bridget transforms into a Deadite and the aunt discovers her chomping on glass (ouch!), there is a sense of tension. The rest of the film consists of two Deadites trying to murder Kassie, the youngest child, and Beth (the aunt). Given how long this has been going, you almost wish that the Deadites get them. The predictability of it all does not help either, but the witty remarks by the possessed Ellie (by far the only character with some depth) certainly do.

Evil Dead Rise features Alyssa Sutherland's best smile
Evil Dead Rise features Alyssa Sutherland’s best smile

Evil Dead is Saved by the Cinematography (and Alyssa Sutherland)

With brilliantly crafted cinematography, Evil Dead Rise makes up for what it lacks in the writing department. Camera angles are spot on, and the gross (bloody) close-ups are a pleasure for gore junkies. The quick pace keeps you fascinated. Even if you aren’t on the edge of your seat, it will retain you there (rather than getting up and leaving)! Alyssa Sutherland’s acting is outstanding, and she is the only actor that perfectly brings their character to life.

Classic Chainsaw situation
Classic Chainsaw situation

Another Average Horror Movie – Evil Dead Rise Review

Evil Dead Rise unambiguously did not meet expectations. It starts with the same excitement as the previous Evil Dead films, but things quickly turn disappointing. Even without considering the plot, it is still merely decent. Of course, there is a LOT of blood (who knew the human body could store so much blood) and disgusting killings. It is safe to say that it is another generic and predictable horror movie with witty dialogue ( “Mommy’s with the maggots now!”).

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