A glimpse into The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

The Past of the Origin (The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf)

Image credit of Reddit
Image credit of Reddit

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, directed by Kwang Il Han, tells the story of a young Vesemir and his journey of becoming a Witcher. As he was born in a poor family, his hunger for money was innate. He decides to follow the path of the witcher, after seeing how much money they make for slaying monsters. He decides to leave behind Illyana and his family to become a witcher. Vesemir joins them and takes part in their tests and becomes a successful mutant human-machine, slaying monsters. Years pass by, and Vesemir becomes renowned for his fearsomeness and arrogance. His love for money only makes him thirst for more. But his life turns into an unexpected twist finding a mutant monster, and the monster leads him to find out the dark secrets hidden in Kaer Morhen.

Themes in The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

The movie has a great plot with fluid action scenes. It is quite thrilling. The actions, magic, fantasy world, and new and horrid monsters, and those fighting them, all make this movie the best. Although the dialogues may be monotone, the actions make up for it.

fight between witcher and monsters
Fight between witcher and monsters

The movie is about fighting and hatred. Humans are afraid of things unknown to them, that is why they fear witchers similar to how they fear monsters. This hatred causes great doom for witchers, certainly, they are strong enough to fight off monsters but they are weak in front of the hate of humans.

Because you’re different and killing is easier than tolerating.

Illyana, The witcher: nightmare of the wolf

Battle of begining : The End (The witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf)

The battle at the end is very cruel to witchers. The monsters and ‘humans’ wipe out the entire witchers on their own turf. It was chilling how the monsters by their sheer numbers pressure down the mutant humans, as a result, the witchers take huge damage and they were close to extinction. But Vesemir pierces through the monsters and survives to rise again. He shows great skills in this battle and manages to wipe out even huge monsters.

Human emotions are dangerous, this can be seen from this movie. It doesn’t matter how great one is, one always falls behind the emotions like anger, jealousy, hate. But one can also escape from them. Before they bind one down, one has to bind them. The development of Vesemir is crucial because he was immature, greedy, and arrogant. However, the fall opens his eyes. He comes to know that he is living in an illusion, and whatever he has achieved till now was just minimal. In short, he turns a new leaf as he finds a great disciple and starts to travel a just path.

Conclusion – a new begining

” there will always be another monster, Geralt.”

Vesemir, The witcher: nightmare of the wolf
Screenshot from The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf
Screenshot from The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

When Vesemir finds Geralt and the other kids, he asks them to decide whether they want to become a witcher or not. But the boys comments down on how the people hate them, Vesemir counters saying there will be always another monster. The movie reveals the name of the main character but the comment of Vesemir at the end is interesting. There will always be another monster for people to fear and hate because that’s what humans do. The movie has shown hatred of humans and its consequences, and their hatred can change quickly and are irrational.

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