Fanfare of Adolescence anime trailer prediction, release date, and latest updates

Fanfare of Adolescence is an upcoming Aniplex original anime series with animation production handled by Lay-duce. The series falls under the sports anime category, which stirs up a whole other level of hype in people. Recently this genre has been coming up with shows based on some underrated games, and the latest addition to the list is Fanfare of Adolescence. Anime will enter the untouched realm of horse racing with this upcoming series so let’s look further into what it is all about and when it’s coming.

Trailer prediction

The trailer starts with some live-action clips of horses, stables, and a school building, while the characters’ monologues play in the background. These things tell us that this anime will be all about horse racing. Here in this trailer, we also get a glimpse of two of the three protagonists of the anime – Yu Arimura and Shun Kanami; and anticipate one of the compositions of the great Hiroyuki Sawano.

Fanfare of Adolescence centers on three young teens who work in the horse racing industry. Each has a unique history and attitude, but they all have the same goal: to become the finest jockey in Tokyo’s extremely competitive jockey market.

Latest Updates

Key visuals of the characters – Fanfare of Adolescence

Yu (middle), Shun (right), and Amane (left)
Yu (middle), Shun (right), and Amane (left)

The anime unveiled three key visuals featuring the three main characters: Yu, Shun, and Amane Grace.

The first key visual above shows Yu Arimura, whose eyes look fierce with determination while the rays of light fall upon him. He is one of the main characters in the series. The second key visual shows Shun Kanami, one of the protagonists. Who looks like the human model of daylight. The clear blue sky and rays of sunlight add contrast and dramatic effect on Shun. As well as the third key visual shows the third protagonist, Amane Grace, the boy from England, who seems to be giving a chilly cold glare from behind the window. The pink roses at the bottom right provide a contrasting effect to his cold personality.

A bit of background

The characters of Fanfare of Adolescence
The characters of Fanfare of Adolescence

Yu Arimura is a former popular idol who becomes enamored with horse racing after seeing it for the first time and wants to join the academy. Shun Kanami was raised on an island and has only experienced horse races through radio broadcasts growing up. Amane comes from a high-class family in England, and his father is a former jockey. Amane has previously attended horse racing academies in various countries. The show follows these three 15-year-old boys at the academy.

Release date – Fanfare of Adolescence

Several new anime series have recently been revealed by various anime studios. Aside from that, a lot more amazing anime is set to come out in 2022. Now we are also getting a new anime, known as Fanfare of Adolescence. It has officially released in April 2022 as part of the Spring anime broadcast. The production team has mentioned no specific date as of yet.

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