Stranger Things: Recap and What to Expect in Season 4

Max, Lucas, Mike, Will and Eleven in Stranger Things.
(From Left) Max, Lucas, Mike, Will, and Eleven in Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of the most popular Netflix original series which first appeared on 15th July 2016. This sci-fi show created by The Duffer brothers has managed to break multiple records. It garnered a large fan base throughout its three seasons, and its fourth installment is yet to release in 2022. This show explores multiple genres and emotions like horror, love, friendship, mystery, the supernatural, drama, science fiction, and thriller. With perfect twists and turns, accompanied by nail bitting cliff-hangers at the end of every season, Stranger Things never fails to hook its audiences till the end. After the trailer of Stranger Things, season 4 was released, fans are extremely excited to unravel what’s there in store for them next.

Based on the vibe of the 1980s, with continuous character development and the introduction of newer people, Stranger Things manages pretty well to ensure the emotional investment of the audience. Moreover, beautiful bonding among the characters and subtle humor adds charm to this series and lightens up serious moments. The show received immense praises for its marvelous screenplay, direction, stellar performances, along top-notch visual and sound effects.

What Is Stranger Things All About?

This show draws inspiration from the 1980’s movies of Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, and also from the novels of Stephen King. The story is based in a fictional town named Hawkins in Indiana around the 1980s. A young squad of boys and girls witnesses supernatural forces and evils, amidst finding their lost friend. As they begin searching for him, the group ends up discovering secrets of the government’s experiment and also unfolds several extraordinary mysteries.

The main cast of the show includes Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), Noah Schnapp (Will Byers), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair), Joe Keery (Steve Harrington), Winona Ryder (Joyce Byers), Charlie Heaton (Jonathan), Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler) and David Harbour (Jim Hopper).

While Stranger Things has already created an immense hype with its three seasons till now, fans are eagerly anticipating season 4.

Important recollections from Season 1

The first season has 8 episodes, each less than 60 minutes. The story begins on November 6th, 1983. Revolving around the mysterious disappearance of young Will in Hawkins, his family, local police, and friends (Mike, Dustin, and Lucas) start searching for him. Meanwhile, they bump into an unusual small girl (Eleven) who has psychokinetic powers. Also, they unveil secrets about the state’s experiments in a national laboratory, horrific supernatural monsters named The Demogorgons, and an alternate dimension called The Upside Down. Furthermore, Barbara, the best friend of Nancy (Mike’s older sister), gets abducted by the evil creatures who are ultimately found dead. In the national laboratory, Dr. Brennan was experimenting on Eleven to use her as a weapon in the Cold War against Russia. However, in this process Eleven with her special powers, accidentally creates a portal between two dimensions, unleashing the evil.

After a series of events, Joyce (Will’s mother) and Hopper (Chief of police in Hawkins) finally succeed in retrieving Will back from the Upside Down. Meanwhile, inside their school, national agents arrive to take Eleven back to the laboratory from where she has escaped. Amidst the bloodshed, a monster enters inside and attacks Lucas, Dustin, Mike, and Eleven. To save them, Eleven uses her powers to stop the creature and disappears along with it in the Upside Down. The season ends with the four boys playing Dungeons & Dragons at Mike’s house. Hopper leaves eggos (Eleven’s favorite food) inside a box in the forest. Besides that, a slug-type creature comes out of Will’s mouth at his home. He experiences a flash inside the Upside Down again, which indicates that something is back with him.

Joyce Byers In Stranger Things Season 1 realizes that her son Will is trying to contact her through the lights at her home.
Joyce Byers In Stranger Things Season 1

A short glimpse into Stranger Things Season 2

The second season, released on 27th October 2017, has 9 episodes in less than 63 minutes. The plot opens at Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, on 29th October 1984. It’s the time of Halloween, almost nearing one year of Will getting disappeared. Now the mystery continues as once again Hawkins is affected by the supernatural creatures. It indicates to people that Will’s abduction was only a start to all of this. Though he survived, a larger sinister being is lurking above the town of Hawkins, threatening everyone present. Multiple new roles appear this time like Max and Billy (Older step-brother of Max), Kali related to the laboratory, Bob, Dr. Owens, and Murray Bauman.

Will is having many episodes and is taken over physically and mentally by the Shadow Monster. The truth of the Mind Flayer’s hive mind is revealed which hunts the people and pets of Hawkins in a pack. Mike and Eleven are trying to contact each other for a year, but are unsuccessful. Later, it unfolds that Hopper is secretly living in the woods with Eleven, she has survived.

Eleven discovers the truth about her biological mother and the existence of another girl like her, named Kali, with special powers. In an attempt to kill the Shadow Monster, Eleven reunites with the group. She realizes that only she can close the gate between two dimensions. Joyce, Jonathan (Will’s older brother), and Nancy finally succeed in taking the virus out of Will. Eleven finally manages to close the gate defeating the Mind Flayer. After a month, Hopper adopts Eleven as his daughter. Steve becomes a father figure. In the end, everyone is dancing in the annual festive school dance. They are unaware that the Shadow Monster is surviving, lurking over their school in the other dimension.

Eleven at Chicago in Stranger Things Season 2.
Eleven in Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things Season 3

Released on 4th July 2019, this season includes 8 episodes less than 78 minutes, centered around new evil forces. The scene begins on 28th June 1984. The Soviet Union is attempting to build a Gate leading to the Upside Down. The storyline starts in the summer of 1985 at Hawkins. A new mall appears in the scene, and the group is at the beginning of their adulthood. Besides that, the danger is still prevailing at Hawkins. Eleven and the group stick together for survival, and they realize that their friendship has more power than the monsters. New character Robin Buckley (Maya Hawke) appears this season.

Hopper is unable to give a nod to Mike and Eleven’s relationship. Dustin finds his new love interest, Suzie. A possible love angle between Hopper and Joyce dies down even before it could begin. Dustin receives a Russian transmission which Robin decodes. Nancy and Jonathan investigate the occurrence of dead rats. Billy comes under the influence of the Mind Flayer. Will suddenly senses that the Shadow Monster is back.

Dustin, Robin, and Steve manage to enter the secret room inside the mall. They end up discovering the plan of the Russians to build a secret Gate. In the end, Joyce, Hopper, and Murray enter into the secret Russian laboratory, attempting to destroy the machine which can open the Gate. Eleven and the kids succeed in defeating the Mind Flayer. However, things do not happen as planned and Hopper sacrifices himself to stop the machine. Joyce leaves town with Eleven, Will, and Jonathan, leaving others behind. The final scene shows a prison in Russia, hinting at the possibility of Hopper being alive.

Entire group inside the mall, before encountering the Mind Flayer in Stranger Things Season 3.
Eleven and Her Gang in Stranger Things Season 3

Stranger Things Season 4: What to expect?

This season is yet to release next year. It is going to be bigger, different, and scarier than the previous ones. Also, it will probe into new locations, out of Hawkins. The arrival of Stranger Things seasons 4 was announced on 30th September 2019. Currently, it is in the production stage, and an official declaration of the release date is yet to happen. In this installment, fans will see the return of Hopper, who is at a dangerous prison in Russia. On the other hand, a new evil is taking shape at Hawkins. Repressed for long, it is in connection with the events. The Duffer brothers have hinted that this might not be the end of this show, and season 5 is a possibility. Stranger Things Season 4 is expected to have 9 episodes. The delay caused in the release of this show was because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

All major characters will return this season, along with the addition of new ones. It is likely to unfold the history of Hopper’s life, and the group will enter into high school. It shows the Hawkins National Laboratory and its experiment subjects. This season is also likely to dig into Eleven’s history inside the lab. The title of the first episode is The Hellfire Club. Fans can see several D&D role-playing this time. This season would be darker and more mature. Every year, with each installment, makers are amping up the show. Sources say season 4 is filmed in New Mexico. This season will also explore how Eleven is dealing with the loss of her powers and the loss of Hopper while living with the Byers.

Undoubtedly, Stranger Things season 4 is also expected to be a huge success and it will possibly end with a nail-biting cliffhanger again!

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