GTA V best mods and where to get them!

Mods are a great way to enhance the gameplay and give yourself a new challenge every once in a while. GTA V online is seeing a large influx of new mods. Here are the 5 best GTA V mods and where you can easily download them!

GTA V mods
A wide range of mods are available for all GTA V enthusiasts

A change in scene for GTA V enthusiasts

GTA V is an open-world, action-adventure game released in 2013 for major gaming platforms. Rockstar North, along with Rockstar Games, developed and published this game. It is the seventh entry in the GTA series and also the fifteenth overall installment. Players take the role of one of three protagonists – bank robber Michael de Santa, street thug Franklin Clinton or gunrunner Trevor Philips.

GTA V Online has seen a rise in the number of players worldwide in recent years. The absence of a new GTA title is one of the biggest reasons for this. Nevertheless, players are coming up with cool new mods that provide a new landscape and make the game even more exciting.

Here are the top 5 mods from GTA V and where you can get them –

1. GTA V Complex Control

Complex Control in GTA V
Complex Control transforms GTA 5 into an explosive rogue-lite battle royale war zone

This is a unique mod that gives players a complete Battle Royale experience. This mod drops you at a specific place with teleportation. You get three special abilities. Other players controlled by AI then drop from the sky. They will also try to kill you by running you over with cars. The aim is to escape the attacks and survive for as long as possible. The drawback is that only one player can play at a time. Furthermore, an update for multiplayer gaming is yet to come.

Download link –

2. LSPD First Response

Users can get a taste of what it’s like to be an LSPD officer

For every GTA V fan who wanted to play the game as a police officer, this mod fulfills that exact wish. LSPD First Response allows the user to play as an LSPD officer. You can arrest, restrain thugs and even call backup if you feel like you can’t handle the situation. Additionally, you’ll have the responsibility of alerting the Fire Department about any fires in the city. This mod also provides a fresh change from playing as a thug and living unlawfully in most GTA titles.

Download link –

3. Hulk Smash

Hulk Smash mod
Wreak havoc on the skies of Los Santos by playing as The Hulk

All Marvel and Grand Theft Auto mutuals have a reason to rejoice. This mod brings the green monster to the streets of Los Santos. It allows you to do just about anything in the game. You can crush vehicles to pieces using just your bare hands and do superhuman smashes on enemies. The mod allows you to pick up NPCs and use them as a tool. You can also throw them around or fling them at buildings at your will. This is one of the best superhero mods for the game.

Download link –

4. Zombies

Zombies mod
Step into a post-apocalyptic battleground using the zombie mod

This mod almost transforms the game into an entirely new one. It makes the city of Los Santos a battleground for survival. Zombies roam the streets looking for humans to eat and are also sensitive to sound. You must not let your guard down at any moment else you’ll be dead meat. You will also have to be stealthy in your movement to avoid detection. The game also allows you to form survivor camps and recruit others, distribute resources within it, and more. This is no doubt one of the best mods to ever come out for GTA V.

Download link –

5. Realism

GTA V real life mod
Turn Los Santos into an ultra-realistic metropolis with the real-life mod

This is perhaps the most popular and most loved mod by the entire GTA V fanbase. The GTA V realism/real-life mod adds an entirely new layer of depth to the game by drastically improving graphics and in-game physics. The city of Los Santos becomes a real-life city in terms of visuals. Everything from the look of cars to the weather and also the roads now looks like they’re actually from real life.

There are several more real-life elements in the game as well. A new System Reaction feature restricts the carrying of firearms openly. NPCs will report you to the police in case you are seen carrying one. The feature also keeps track of your criminal record. This means that if you are highly notorious, NPCs will be scared of you. In all, the real-life mod gives you an ultra-realistic feel during gameplay and presents a set of rules you must play by, just like in real life.

Download link –

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