GTA6: myth or reality?

Rumors, news and updates regarding GTA6

The game giant Rockstar hasn’t confirmed the reality about GTA6 so far. GTA5 and GTA online are still the most played and purchased games. So maybe the series will continue with the next GTA. But ‘WHEN’ is the question that everyone is asking.

The rumors so far state that GTA6 is still in development. After the release of GTA5 in 2013, Rockstar, till now, has only expanded it without releasing anything new, other than the online version. Upgraded GTA5 and GTA online are ready to release in PS5 and Xbox series X on March 2022. However, there is still no news of GTA6.

When will it manifest?

The rumors regarding a sixth part of GTA has hyped up due to the immense success of GTA5, which was a radical approach towards video gaming itself.

Rumors state that GTA6 will release in 2024 or 2025. It is supposed to be set in a more modern Vice City compared to the one we explored through Tommy Vercetti. Rumors are several, and some even attempt to console the anticipating gamers. Such as the one that states GTA6 will come out in 2023, aims to mitigate the anxiety of anticipation. No one knows if it’s is for sure though. The official account of Rockstar is just asking fans to “Stay Tuned”.

Screenshot from GTA online
Screenshot from GTA online

Setting and Plot- GTA6

The rumors have to say a lot about the setting of GTA6. Apart from the setting being Vice City, there are also rumors that GTA6 may be set in London. It also seems a possibility for Rockstar to look back at the ’80s era, if set in London. If so, this would be a drastic change on the side of Rockstar. Until now, they have worked on only modernizing their settings and locations more.

However, these are just assumptions, and nothing is certain yet. However, a potential sneak peek conveys that the game’s setting is in modern-day liberty city.

Screenshot from GTA V
Screenshot from GTA V

There are many more stating that it will be a remastered version of GTA. Some also state that the game will be of moderate size at launch. It will expand through upgrades, while the locations will change according to the story. The plot is likely related to the drug empire. Starting from the bottom, raising a notorious empire on your own. In addition to that, a new female character may be included. So far, none has been there.

Many more leaks are suggesting that the game is in development. Code-named PROJECT AMERICA, GTA6 will have its setting likely in Vice city or in Rio (Brazil). Many cities are candidates like London, Tokyo, San Andreas, and more.


We may have reached a conclusion but GTA6 hasn’t. Rockstar has neither confirmed nor denied the very existence of GTA6. The rumors circulating so far are still not confirmed. However, the game may not possibly be disappointing for us gamers. We may keep faith in Rockstar, having witnessed their ambitious attempts in GTA5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. However, Rockstar may be attempting to expand their dominance online through GTA6. It is due to the massive success of GTA online. Releasing on PS5 or Xbox Series X or PC, GTA6 may not have an offline story mode like it’s predecessors.

Screenshot from GTA V heist

There will be many more rumors and leaks. But what we should now have is patience. The game giant Rockstar will surely grant a blessing in the near future.

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