FIFA 22 – New Features, Release Date, and What Else To Expect!

It’s finally that time of the year again when EA releases a new FIFA video game, this year’s game title – FIFA 22. EA has delivered amazing FIFA games consistently and promises to do so again. Year after year, every FIFA game brings new features to make the feel of the game better. And FIFA 22 is no different than all the former games with all the new features EA has promised.

New Features of FIFA 22

Before digging deeper into this section, if you haven’t watched the gameplay trailer yet, do watch it!


EA introductes HyperMotion
EA introduces HyperMotion in FIFA 22

EA is using the ‘HyperMotion’ engine in this year’s FIFA 22, which, as they claim, will prove revolutionary. HyperMotion uses motion-capture data from real football players to make the gameplay even more fluid and life-like. The visuals in the game look ever the more stunning than before with HyperMotion writing new animation in real-time. HyperMotion will be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S (sorry PC users!), giving them an unmatched gameplay experience.

Explosive Sprint

Explosive Sprint is, as EA puts it:

A new gameplay mechanic that changes the dynamic of one-on-one situations, Explosive Sprint gives you more control over acceleration when dribbling or defending.

Explosive sprint
And the sprinting!

With this mechanic, your player will get a substantial push and acceleration with the ball in the gameplay. So by using Explosive Sprint, you can get ahead of the players while defending or get closer to the defender while dribbling, given you used it correctly.

Create Your Club

FIFA 22 - Create your own club in career mode!
Create your own club in career mode!

In FIFA 22, you can create your club in Manager Career, and with this, you can customize your club’s identity, from deciding its name to selecting which leagues it will play in. The customization goes as far as giving you the ability to customize your stadium’s grass pattern and much more!

Women’s Team

Megan Rapinoe in FIFA 22 cover
Megan Rapinoe in FIFA 22 cover

FIFA 22 will provide you with the ability to build a full women’s football team and advance in the game with it. This is the first time this feature will be included and will be a massive step forward.


At present, you do not need to find ten teammates to play the match because of the new Drop-In feature. You can squad up with up to 4 other players or only the recent teammates before searching for a Drop-In match. With Drop-In, you can even play with other Club players without having to leave your own Club.

Release Date of FIFA 22

FIFA's release date has been announced
FIFA’s release date has been announced

The release date of FIFA 22 is set on 1st October 2021 on all the gaming platforms such as PC, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Google Stadia.

What else to expect from FIFA 22!

Along with the above features, there is a lot more to be expected in FIFA 22:

  • Player Career – This year’s Player Career feature will have a lot of changes than before. Likely coming into the match as a substitute, a rating system that will tell your manager’s belief in you as a player, and a new system to generate match objectives.
  • True Ball Physics – EA will integrate data taken from balls used in actual matches to make the physics of every movement of the football look closer to the real thing than ever before.
  • Authenticity – EA has announced the UEFA Europa Conference League, among other additions to be announced on a later date to the video game for a more authentic experience.

With all the new mechanics and features, FIFA 22 promises to be another worthy addition to the widely-acclaimed FIFA franchise and aims to be the best addition to date.

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