Among Us – 6 Tips/Tricks for Impostors & Crewmates

Follow these six tips to make sure you come out on top every time in Among Us!

Among Us - Game Cover
Among Us – Game Cover

Among Us – The Internet sensation that went viral thanks to the pandemic

If you were a victim of the crippling boredom and free time that was a direct result of lockdowns worldwide due to the pandemic, then you are definitely no stranger to the gripping, action-packed world of Among Us. This online- multiplayer, strategic-deduction game made headlines during the initial stages of COVID-19 breakouts around the world. It features 4-15 players, of which a maximum of three are impostors and the rest crewmates. To win, you have to complete tasks in time if you’re the latter or kill the others while sabotaging tasks if you’re the former.

Here are six useful tips to improve your success rate and overall gameplay in Among Us, each as an impostor as well as a crewmate!

Six tips to help you win as an Impostor in Among Us!

1. Rock solid alibi

Make sure you have an airtight alibi ready before planning or carrying out a kill. During the emergency meeting, keep your alibi short while being confident with it. Avoid rambling or adding too many details that may complicate your case further.

2. Vents are priceless


Keep in mind, vents aren’t made for escaping alone but also for lying in wait to prey on your next victim. Use this to your advantage by moving through the vents effectively. Be careful not to be spotted as this will expose your identity; hence you will be ejected from the dropship.

3. Sabotaging is key


Make sure you prioritize sabotaging over the killing, as it requires lesser planning and tactics – which is more effective in reaching your objective. Therefore by sabotaging a task will distract crewmates and cause a high level of chaos and confusion. This confusion will buy you enough time to make a kill and plan the next one.

4. The Admin Table

The Admin Table in Among Us!
The Admin Table in Among Us!

This is one of the tools that can help you carry out more kills and keep your identity hidden, provided it is used right. You can track crewmates’ location through the Admin Table, which will give you more clarity on where to perform your next attack.

5. Leadership

Try to establish dominance by assuming leadership. For instance, during an emergency meeting, you can make sure the crewmates vote for whom you want to and nullify their initial instincts. This trick works well because people tend to follow a path already carved by subconsciously letting their decision-making be affected.

6. Reactors (Polus Map exclusive in Among Us)

The reactor in Polus from Among Us
The reactor in Polus

If you’re playing in the Polus map, try to sabotage any one of the two reactors. These are far away from the dropship, which gives you just that little bit of extra time to make a kill. You can also throw a spanner in the works as crewmates will be confused over which reactor to save before time runs out.

Six tips to help you win as a Crewmate in Among Us!

1. Keep your friends close

Try to find a crewmate to accompany you around the ship as you complete tasks. You will avoid being left alone. But, there is the possibility that the person you choose could well be the impostor. This shouldn’t worry you because the odds of picking an impostor are much lesser than picking an innocent crewmate.

2. Do common tasks early

These are tasks that every crewmate must complete in the game to proceed further. Impostors can only fake them, which allows you to detect suspicious activity. The swipe card task is one example of a common task.

3. See something? Say something

If you know a crewmate is not an impostor, make sure you vouch for their innocence. This will build trust and place an air of credibility around you as well. Don’t forget that it goes the other way too. If you think a crewmate is suspicious and could be the impostor, call them out. Doing this will allow other crewmates to trust your observational skills.

4. Cameras & Vitals

The camera room in Among Us
The camera room in Among Us

Try to assign a crewmate for observing the cameras as well as the vitals of other crewmates. These are two valuable assets that can help you in your objective. You can give yourself a better chance of catching an impostor in the act and monitor crewmates’ activity.

5. Skip vote

Skipping the vote
Skipping the vote

If there is doubt over who is the real impostor, always skip the vote rather than making a hesitant decision. This is a common mistake that a majority of players make. Remember – it’s better to keep an impostor inside than to kick out an innocent crewmate.

6. Occam’s Razor

There is a scientific principle – the simplest answer to an equation is most likely to be the right one. Apply this in the game as well. If a person is rambling or making up a complicated alibi, that doesn’t make sense; they could be the impostor.

A small note on Among Us…

The key to winning either as an impostor or as a crewmate is practice. Keep playing more and more games, and you’ll see yourself getting better. Don’t forget to include these tweaks in your game and improve your arsenal. Vent more, complete tasks, and keep playing more of Among Us!

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