Vergil’s feud with Dante in the Devil May Cry franchise

Devil May Cry Franchise

Capcom’s Devil May Cry video game franchise is an action-adventure hack-and-slash video game franchise. Hideki Kamiya created this game. It is a series of 3D action games with a dark fantasy theme. The majority of the games focus on the mercenary Dante and his quest to eliminate demons to avenge his mother’s murder.

Dante from Devil May Cry
Dante from Devil May Cry

The series was both critically and commercially successful. The major installments of the series sold millions of copies and earned Capcom’s Platinum Title award. The popularity of the series resulted in a flood of media adaptations and products. The adaptations included comic books, novels, and two animated television shows.

Major installments of this franchise

Devil May Cry (2001)

The release of the first Devil May Cry installment took place in 2001 for Play-Station 2. The plot takes place in the present day on the imaginary Mallet Island. It revolves around Dante, a demon hunter who uses his firm to carry out a lifetime’s worth of demon hunting. He meets Trish, who sends him on a journey to destroy the demon ruler Mundus.

Devil May Cry 2 (2003)

The story revolves around Dante and Lucia’s battle. Their objective is to prevent a businessman called Arius from raising the demon Argosax and attaining absolute power. The tale takes place in the present day, in the imaginary city of Vie de Marli.

Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening (2005)

The game is a prequel to Devil May Cry (2001); it depicts a younger Dante. The story takes place a decade before the events of the first installment. It focuses on Dante and his complicated relationship with his brother Vergil.

Devil May Cry 4 (2008)

The fourth installment of the Devil May Cry series, directed by Hideaki Itsuno and written by Bingo Morihashi. The release of the game took place simultaneously for multiple platforms. The narrative focuses on Nero, a young boy with demonic talents. Nero is on a mission to stop the series’ main character, Dante, from assassinating the leader of the Order of the Sword. The Order of the Sword is a religious organization that worships Sparda, the father of Dante and Vergil. In this game, the player takes on the roles of both Nero and Dante.

DmC: Devil May Cry (2012)

It is a spin-off and total reboot of the Devil May Cry series. This hack and slash game takes place in a parallel universe to the main Devil May Cry series. British developer Ninja Theory developed this game, and Capcom published it. The game’s plot revolves around Dante, a teenage nomad who covertly hunts demons that dwell among and reign over humans. Dante is a Nephilim, the offspring of an angel and a demon. He reunites with his brother Vergil, who helps in defeating powerful demons. Also culminating in a confrontation against Mundus. Mundus was the demon king who murdered Dante’s mother and condemned his father to eternal exile and suffering.

Devil May Cry 5 (2019)

The franchise’s sixth iteration and the fifth mainstream installment. The game takes place five years after Devil May Cry 4. It follows a trio of warriors with demonic talents, including the returning Dante, Nero, and a new protagonist named V. The game is about the action adventures of the trio to prevent Demon King Urizen from destroying the human world. The player can play with these characters in different missions. As the game progresses, the mystery behind V and his relationship with Urizen unravels.

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Vergil and Dante – The Sibling Rivalry in Devil May Cry

Vergil and Dante are twin brothers who are the offspring of Sparda. Their rivalry started as they pursued separate paths after discovering their demonic ancestry. Following their mother’s death as youngsters, Vergil and Dante split off. Vergil rejected humanity and embraced his demonic inheritance, in contrast to his younger brother’s acceptance of humanity and early rejection of the demonic. Dante employs his abilities to hunt wicked demons, track out those responsible for his mother’s death and his brother’s corruption. While Vergil uses his powers for evil-doing to achieving the kind of power that his father once had.

Vergil and Dante - The sons of Sparda and mortal enemies
Vergil and Dante – The sons of Sparda and mortal enemies
How did it start?

Devil May Cry 3 is a prequel to the Devil May Cry series that takes place before the events of Devil May Cry (2001). Dante is in the process of naming his demon-hunting shop when he receives an invitation from his brother Vergil, delivered by a shadowy-looking guy named Arkham. Dante accepts the offer. However, that invitation quickly turns out to be a demon invasion within Dante’s firm. After defeating the demons attacking his company, a massive tower emerges from the soil, destroying the city. Temen-Ni-Gru, the name of the tower, and on top of the tower, Vergil was awaiting.

Vergil’s offer is merely meant to get Dante to come to him so that he might obtain Dante’s Amulet. When paired with Vergil’s own amulet, it offers a key to the demon realm, which Vergil intends to use to gain his father’s power, Sparda.

The story behind the Amulet

The demon Sparda defeats the Demon World lord Mundus two millennia before the first game. Sparda prevents Mundus from conquering the human realm by closing many hell gates and sealing Temen-Ni-Gru. Sparda meets Eva, the human wife of Sparda, mother of the hybrid twins Dante and Vergil.

The Perfect Amulet is an elaborate amulet that acts as a key to the Temen-Ni-Gru’s gate to the Demon World. The amulet has a huge red stone that can be divided in half. Sparda presented it to Eva as a gift, and she gave the halves to their twin sons on their birthday.

The Perfect Amulet in Devil May Cry
The Perfect Amulet

The Amulet is also required to activate the Force Edge, which was on the Demon World. The Force Edge seems to be an ordinary blade, but The Dark Knight Sparda locked away the Force Edge’s real capabilities, which can only be used when the sword is paired with the Perfect Amulet. When the Amulet halves are joined and paired with the Force Edge, they change into the famous blade Sparda, named after The Dark Knight Sparda. Vergil was looking for this sword to obtain the powers of his father. To fulfill his objectives, Vergil required the other half of the Amulet from his brother Dante.

The Force Edge sword in Devil May Cry
The Force Edge sword – The Devil Sword Sparda’s unawakened form

The Devil Sword Sparda in Devil May Cry
The Devil Sword Sparda

The first encounter of Vergil and Dante

Dante’s persona is portrayed as a youthful arrogant show-off who regards most demons as a joke before unleashing them in a spectacular display. After a series of fights with demons and demon bosses, he reaches the top of the tower and meets Vergil. The tone shifts significantly when Dante meets Vergil at the top of the tower. When Dante meets with Vergil for the first time in a year, he does not waste any time. One can see how different they are merely by glancing at their clothes and haircuts, and their weapons wonderfully exemplify that disparity. Rebellion being Dante’s trademark magic sword and katana Yamato for Vergil. Dante is known for his extravagant display battle, whereas Vergil for his accurate and quick blows.

Vergil vs. Dante at the top of the tower, Temen-Ni-Gru in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening
Vergil vs. Dante at the top of the tower, Temen-Ni-Gru

Dante's Rebellion
Dante’s Rebellion
Vergil's katana Yamato
Vergil’s katana Yamato

Vergil didn’t take his brother seriously enough to go full power. After the fight is over, a cutscene occurs in which Vergil manages to defeat Dante. Vergil stabs Dante with his own sword, Rebellion, stealing his Amulet and fleeing. On the brink of death, Dante’s dormant demonic power awakens and starts chasing Vergil once again.

Vergil stabs Dante with his own sword, Rebellion
Vergil stabs Dante with his own sword, Rebellion.

The second encounter

The second encounter takes place at the Lair of Judgement, the control room of the tower. A ritual needs to be performed in the Lair of Judgement to open the underworld gate. Vergil has attempted to open the gate, which requires Sparda’s blood as well as both Amulets. Being Sparda’s son, Vergil has Sparda’s blood inside him, as well as the second Amulet he has received from Dante. Vergil accepts Dante’s for another fight, believing that more blood must be spilled because they share the same blood. As a result, Vergil takes this as a chance to perform a ritual of spilling more blood over the gate.

The second encounter of Vergil and Dante
The second encounter of Vergil and Dante

This duel is vastly different from the last one. Vergil sees no need to hold back after Dante obtained Devil Trigger, Dante’s demonic strength. During the fight, Vergil will unleash his own Devil Trigger. The Devil Trigger functions similarly for Dante and Vergil since it boosts their powers for a short time. Additionally, Devil Trigger regenerates their health. Their fight continues until Arkham and his daughter Mary interrupt them. Arkham has duped them all into reactivating the tower to gain access to the demonic world. He intends to use his strength to take the Force Edge, the dormant form of Sparda’s blade, and use it to govern a demon-infested Earth.

Vergil and Dante teaming up

Arkham, who delivered the invitation to Dante, and the person making Vergil aware of this tower. Arkham’s true motive becomes clear after the second encounter. He desires Sparda’s power and wishes to become a god to rule the world. To open the gate to the demon world along with the perfect amulet and blood of Sparda, one more thing was necessary, the blood of a mortal priestess. Arkham then stabs Mary in the leg, telling her that she is a descendent of the priestess slain by Sparda and that her blood was the final key. After opening the gate to the demon world, Arkham finally gets a hold of his prize: the Force Edge. He uses the Perfect Amulet to activate the sword, and upon taking the sword into his hands, demonic power flows through him. Arkham takes the form of Sparda and becomes mutated.

Dante and Vergil against mutated Arkham
Dante and Vergil against mutated Arkham

Vergil was still pursuing his father Sparda’s strength, and he cannot watch Arkham make a mockery of his might. Knowing the fact that Arkham possesses one of the keys to the power of Sparda: the blade Force Edge. With a willing adversary, Dante and Vergil battle Arkham in its mutated form. In contrast, the twin brothers defeat this monster, and they deliver one of gaming’s most badass moments by collaborating flawlessly. After Arkham is defeated, the Amulet and Force Edge fall to the Underworld’s Edge. Vergil is instantly reminded of what he desires and starts pursuing it.

The Jackpot shot - One of the most badass moments of Devil May Cry
The Jackpot shot – One of the most badass moments of Devil May Cry
The finale

Dante and Vergil reclaim their amulets on their trip down to the Underworld’s Edge known as the Unsacred Hellgate. The brothers land with the Force Edge sword in the middle of them. Vergil grabs the sword before Dante could. Vergil refuses to give up his quest for power, while Dante refuses to give him the Amulet he requires.

Dante is aware that he does not want to see his brother choose this route. It’s the only family he has left, and if Vergil completely embraces his demonic side, he’ll lose the rest of his humanity. As a result, Dante is determined to halt Vergil’s compulsive pursuit for power, even if it means killing him. They could have been great partners if it hadn’t been for their mother Eva’s death and what it had done to their demonic heritage philosophies.

Vergil and Dante's final fight in Devil May Cry 3
The final fight

Vergil is at his best here, and Dante has to finish this feud once and for all. Two half-demon, half-human brothers fight on edge connecting the demon and human worlds. The one accepts his humanity, while the second embraces his demon. Vergil loses the fight, and he moves closer to the edge of the underworld by holding on to his Amulet.

Dante wants to stop Vergil, but Vergil expresses his wish for his brother. He wishes Dante to remain human, and he has already determined that his fate will be different. As Vergil descends into the abyss, Dante makes one more attempt to save his brother, only to be met with one final act of defiance bearing a clear warning for Dante, wounding Dante’s hand with his sword Yamato. Dante returns to the human world after taking the Force Edge. He realized his role as a son of Sparda was to guard humanity against demons.

Vergil as Nelo Angelo

After the credits of Devil May Cry 3, a scene depicts Vergil in the demonic world, weak but resolute, charging into combat against his father’s old nemesis Mundus. Vergil was unable to defeat Mundus, and he was transformed into a servant of Mundus. Vergil fought with Dante in Devil May Cry (2001) as Nelo Angelo. Mundus was responsible for Eva’s death, and he was planning to come into the human world after centuries of imprisonment.

Vergil as Nelo Angelo
Vergil as Nelo Angelo

Dante travels to the mysterious Mallet Island. Mundus’ attempt to establish a gateway between the human and demon worlds was centered on Mallet Island. On this island, Dante met a masked “dark knight” known as Nelo Angelo. Dante manages to defeat Nelo Angelo in their first fight, and Dante was about to deliver the final blow when his opponent suddenly overpowers him. Nelo Angelo prepares to kill Dante but hesitates and then flees upon seeing the half Amulet Dante wears, which contains a picture of his mother. After two more encounters, Nelo Angelo’s true identity is revealed as Dante’s identical brother, Vergil, brainwashed by Mundus and made one of his minions. After Vergil seemingly dies, his Amulet joins with his brother’s half, and the Force Edge changes into its true form and becomes the Sparda sword.

Dante vs Nelo Angelo
Dante vs. Nelo Angelo
Vergil vs. Dante in DmC: Devil May Cry (2012)

DMC: Devil May Cry (2012) takes place in a parallel universe of the series. In this game, Dante reunites with his long-lost twin brother Vergil. Vergil leads an organization known as The Order, and his objective was to expose demons and release the world from their control. Dante becomes a part of his brother’s organization and hunts down the demons together. The brothers also rebel against Mundus, the main antagonist of this game.

Dante fighting against Vergil in DmC: Devil May Cry (2012)
Dante fighting against Vergil in DmC: Devil May Cry (2012)

Vergil reveals his true intentions after defeating Mundus: he aims to rule humanity in the place of the demon king Mundus. Dante is appalled at his brother’s actual character, and the two fight, with Dante emerging victorious. Vergil abandons Dante in disgrace, leaving him to confront a world filled with demons and abandoned by the only family he has left. Dante decides to devote his life to saving humanity by hunting down demons.

…..and the feud continues

In Devil May Cry 5 (2019), Vergil separates his demon-half and human-half with the help of Yamato’s power after stabbing himself with it. The demon-half of Vergil was known as Urizen and the human-half as V. Dante, realizing that Rebellion can merge forms, and he uses it to absorb the Sparda into himself. After absorbing the Sparda, Dante unlocks his full demonic power and creating a new weapon, the Devil Sword Dante. Dante after defeating Urizen, V, intervenes and merges himself with Urizen. Thus reviving Vergil in this process. Dante, after recovering from the previous fight with Urizen, fights again with his twin brother. Vergil learns about his son Nero, who decides to end his father-uncle rivalry. Nero intervenes in their fight forcing Dante out and defeats Vergil.

Urizen - Vergil's demon side
UrizenVergil’s demon side
V - Vergil's human side
VVergil’s human side
Nero intervening in Dante, and Vergil's fight, after awakening his demonic powers.
Nero intervening in Dante, and Vergil’s fight, after awakening his demonic powers.

Vergil joins Dante on a one-way trip to the Underworld. Dante and Vergil continue to spar in the Underworld while demons assault them; they are now friendly rivals rather than adversaries.

Adversaries turn into a friendly rivalry.
Adversaries turn into a friendly rivalry.


Devil May Cry depicts the narrative of two brothers’ friendship as it evolves from anger to mutual respect. Even with that expansion, though, the war would be unavoidable since Vergil would not abandon his original aim. In the end, the brothers cared more about each other than they did at first, which is why it is nearly painful to see them separated and Vergil meet his downfall.

Vergil is always Dante’s equal in the game, and carrying this storytelling into gameplay was significant. Fighting him was the most difficult obstacle in the game; the major reason why Dante kept going forward, pushing his own limits. Vergil is the ideal foe in certain respects and obviously the best boss in the game. As the formidable foe he is in the Devil May Cry series, he has left such an imprint that the effects of this rivalry can be seen in many subsequent action games.

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