Sonny Boy : Episode 2 Ending Explained

Sonny Boy is a science fiction anime series. Shingo Natsume helmed the direction and writing. This hit series comes from the house of Madhouse.

The second episode focuses mainly on Rajdhani and Mizuho. Some days have passed between the two episodes. We see the school surrounded by an ocean with an island nearby. The 36 students keep exploring it to familiarise themselves and uncover the weird ways of life there.

Mizuho in Sonny Boy’s second episode

Mizuho’s ability is to conjure up things out of nothing. She keeps herself reserved from everyone else and this leads to others being suspicious of her. She forms a big castle and stays in it with three of her cats. But one of them (named Tora) goes missing.

Mizuho in episode 2 of Sonny Boy

Everyone on the island believes that Mizuho has the power to burn things down by combustion. This is due to an error in communication by Nagara.

Actual cause of the blue flame

The real cause of the combustion is actually a rule present in the island. Although not mentioned anywhere, it is Rajdhani who manages to find out what’s really going on. If one collects something from somewhere on the island, it will get engulfed in a blue flame. This happens when that thing is not collected in exchange for something.

Rajdhani, the brain of Sonny Boy

Rajdhani is the brain of this show. And this is established very early into this episode. He is the first one to actually think about the cause of combustion rather than joining the bandwagon and blaming Mizuho for setting things on fire. He explains to Nozomi why he believes that Mizuho is not the cause of the fire.

Rajdhani in Sonny Boy
Rajdhani in Sonny Boy

He comes up with a solution to the problem of combustion. As there is the availability of internet on the island, all of them can access it while staying there. He creates a digital currency called as Hyō-Ryū-Coin to facilitate the transactions. This allows the students to finally get the things they need by purchasing them with their digital currency.

Sonny Boy episode 2 Ending : Explained

Most of the students believe Mizuho is the reason behind the combustion. Some of them attack Mizuho and injure her. She bleeds in the process. Reaching the limits of her patience, she starts using her power. She literally makes it rain money on the island. Most of the students try to collect the bundles of these currency notes from the ground as they fall from the sky. But the cash bundles instantly catch fire as they are not obtained by exchanging anything. This sets the whole island in flames.

Island engulfed in fire
Island on fire in Sonny Boy

Nagara finds Tora (the missing cat of Mizuho) trapped under the woods. Along with Nozomi, he tries to reach out to Mizuho. They return Tora to her safely. They also convince Mizuho to tell the truth in front of the crowd. There are some who are peddling rumors and lies about her and taking advantage of her situation. Mizuho finally agrees with them.

All the students lament as everything on the island is burned to ashes along with the money. They can’t use trees to make structures essential for their survival.

Similarity between the School and the Island

As soon as the fire dies down, everything that had turned into ashes a few moments back gets replenished. This takes everyone by surprise. They are happy to see the island back to its normalcy as if nothing has happened. The school too has a similar rule as it never runs out of resources present inside.

Nozomi, Mizuho and Nagara watching the island return to normalcy
Nozomi, Mizuho and Nagara watching the island return to normalcy

After addressing the crowd and setting the rumors straight, Mizuho leaves. Later, we see her giving Nagara a hat as a token of thanks for saving Tora and helping her face everyone else. Their relationship looks interesting and I sense something brewing between them that will be explored in the next few episodes.

Nozomi makes an interesting revelation

The real surprise though was the revelation that Nozomi made in the final minutes of the episode. She reveals to Nagara and Rajdhani that her power is “Compass”. She can see their way out of that island and the gate for their escape from this world. Although that gate looks like a pinpoint, it injects hope and strength into them. She will be crucial for their escape from this reality in the episodes to come.

This episode sets up the series beautifully. The show is starting to gain momentum and we should expect better things coming.

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