Top 5 Alfred Hitchcock movies of all time

Alfred Hitchcock was one of the most influential directors of all time. His career spanned six decades, starting in the early 1920s and ending in the late 1970s. Also, he’s often referred to as The Master of Suspense for his mystery films, which have shaped the mystery and thriller genres for the years to come. In this list, we’ll talk about the best 5 films by Alfred Hitchcock out of his 50+ masterpieces.

1. Rear Window (1954) – Alfred Hitchcock

#1 Alfred Hitchcck film - Rear Window
Rear Window

Only Hitchcock can make a film about a handicapped man watching people from his window interesting. The film shows photographer L.B. Jefferies watching his neighbors from his apartment when he suddenly witnesses a murder. From there begins a 2-hour-long, thrilling journey that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Intelligence. Nothing has caused the human race so much trouble as intelligence.

Rear Window

Rear Window is based on a 1942 short story It Had To Be Murder by Cornell Woolrich. It was nominated for 4 Academy Awards and won none of them. Despite that, the film is considered one of the greatest mystery films ever made.

2. Psycho (1960)


Undoubtedly, Hitchcock’s most popular work Psycho set new standards for what a thriller film can be. The film is about an unfortunate encounter between an on-the-run woman and a motel owner, Norman Bates. Similar to his other projects, Psycho delivers several twists that leave its watchers shocked and wanting more.

A boy’s best friend is his mother.


Psycho started the slasher film genre, and its influences reach far beyond that. Even the people who haven’t seen the film know about the shower scene, which is now one of the most iconic scenes ever.

3. North By Northwest (1959)

North By Northwest
North By Northwest

Cary Grant stars in this spy thriller by Alfred Hitchcock. The story revolves around an innocent man who is mistaken for someone else by a secret organization that now wants to assassinate him. They pursue him throughout the USA, which leads to an intense thriller film that leaves its audience stunned.

In the world of advertising, there’s no such thing as a lie. There’s only expedient exaggeration.

North By Northwest

North By Northwest influenced many action-thrillers for decades to come. One such influence is the James Bond films, which heavily borrowed from the stunts from this film. Its crop duster chase is another iconic scene that is still remembered.

4. Vertigo (1958)


How exactly did Hitchcock make a film about acrophobia so interesting is beyond me? Vertigo perfectly blends noir and psychological thriller aspects and presents us with one of the greatest films ever made. It follows a private detective with vertigo who is hired to follow a man’s wife who has been acting strangely.

One final thing I have to do… and then I’ll be free of the past


Vertigo is often considered Hitchcock’s most important work. It has been called the greatest film ever made by many critics and is another important entry in the thriller genre by Alfred Hitchcock.

5. Dial M For Murder (1954) – Alfred Hitchcock

#5 Alfred Hitchcck film - Dial M for Murder
Dial M for Murder

Another crime-mystery-thriller, the film came out the same year as another Hitchcock masterpiece, Rear Window. It follows the story of a tennis player who arranges the murder of his wife after he learns about her affair. However, things eventually go horribly wrong for him.

People don’t commit murder on credit.

Dial M For Murder

Fredrick Knott’s play serves as the basis of this film. Two years before the film premiered, the play aired on BBC Television and was then performed on stage in London’s West June.

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