Top 5 movies of James Wan to watch in 2021

James Wan films in the horror genre have become critical and commercial hits through the years. He can make his audience jump up in their seats with his film-making knack. Now, let’s take a look at the top five movies directed by the Australian.

James Wan
James Wan’s name has become almost synonymous with the genre of modern horror films

James Wan is an Australian filmmaker who has worked in several notable horror film franchises such as Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring. He made his directorial debut with the foremost’s first film that came out in the year 2004. Apart from his horror flicks, Wan has also directed Furious 7 (2015) and DC’s Aquaman (2018).

Let’s take a look at the five best movies of James Wan:-

1. Malignant (2021)

Theatrical release poster of Malignant
Theatrical release poster of Malignant

This supernatural slasher film features Annabelle Wallis as Madison Mitchell, a woman who has visions of murders before realizing that they are also happening in real life. She then decides to save the lives of those in danger before time runs out. The film is based on an original screenplay by Akela Cooper and J.T Petty. Edward Mordake, an urban legend involving a face at the back of his head, served as the inspiration for the screenplay.

Annabelle Wallis delivers an intense performance in her role as Madison Witchell
Annabelle Wallis delivers an intense performance in her role as Madison Witchell

Malignant is one of the biggest hits of 2021 and in Wan’s career, both critically and financially. The film has earned more than $32 million at the worldwide box office. Malignant received notably contrasting reviews from audiences worldwide. It was either called a brilliant venture or a lackluster film with an overload of gore and violence. Nevertheless, the film makes for a worthwhile watch and is one of Wan’s interesting works in the thriller genre.

2. Furious 7 (2015) – James Wan

Official release poster featuring the ensemble cast
Official release poster featuring the ensemble cast

Wan directed the seventh installment of the Fast & Furious series, marking his entry into the franchise. Furious 7 features Dominic Toretto and his team pitted against Deckard Shaw, a rogue assassin on a quest to avenge his brother’s comatose situation. The film marks Paul Walker’s final film appearance after his death in a car crash in November 2013.

Furious 7 became one of the biggest hits of 2015 and has earned over $1 billion across the worldwide box office. It is still the highest-grossing film in the Fast & Furious franchise to date and has broken several records. The film received highly positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. The stunt sequences and storyline of the film received high praises. Furious 7 is an emotional and exciting film that pays a fitting tribute to the franchise’s lead star Paul Walker.

3. Insidious (2011)

Insidious is a supernatural horror film and is the first of the franchise of the same name. The film revolves around the story of a couple whose son suddenly falls into a coma before becoming a conduit for several demonic spirits in an astral realm. Wan also revealed in a series of interviews that Insidious was a reaction to Saw. He wanted to prove that he could make a movie without the level of violence found in the Saw series.

Insidious remains one of Wan’s biggest successes to date

Insidious received positive reviews from audiences worldwide. It also became one of the most profitable films of 2011, along with Cars 2. The film was lauded for its suspense and thrill and also for the lack of violence and gore. Although, it was criticized for having a slightly average second half. Insidious also collected around $362 million from box offices worldwide. It is no doubt one of James Wan’s best films in the horror genre.

4. The Conjuring (2013) – James Wan

Theatrical release poster of The Conjuring
Theatrical release poster of The Conjuring

This is one of the most famous film franchises and horror films of the last decade. The Conjuring is the first film of the franchise and was released in 2013. The story revolves around two paranormal investigators who aid a family experiencing disturbing events in Rhode Island. The film is inspired by true events from the life of Ed and Loraine Warren, former real-life paranormal investigators.

Vera Farmiga's performance as Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring
Vera Farmiga’s performance as Lorraine Warren was applauded by audiences worldwide

The Conjuring received mainly positive reviews from critics and became a hit at the box office. The film received high praise for its direction and strong performances from the cast. It was also lauded for the visual effects as well as the depth in the screenplay. The Conjuring performed tremendously in box offices worldwide and has also broken numerous records in doing so.

5. Saw (2004)

Saw (2004) by James Wan
The Saw franchise is one of the most successful in the horror film genre

James Wan directed the inaugural film of one of the most renowned horror film franchises of the past two decades. Saw is the first film of the series starring Leigh Whannell and Cary Elwes in lead roles. The film revolves around a killer who tests his victims’ will to live by putting them through a series of painful games based on torture. Wan’s rise to fame is credited to the overwhelming success of Saw and also subsequent films in the franchise.

Cary Elwes' role as oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon
Cary Elwes’ role as oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon was particularly captivating

Saw opened to highly positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. It received praises for the storyline and direction, with Wan being lauded for his creativity as well. Furthermore, it became one of the highest-grossing horror films at the time of its release. James Wan and Whannell were a director-actor team, with the latter having written the story for the film. This allowed the duo to partially fund the film and also find suitable producers at the same time.

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