Konosuba: Perfect solution for a light binge Anime!

When you die, you have to enter the fantasy world. That is a rule and you must follow. Reincarnating into a world of monsters and defeating the devil king are the norms you have to follow. But, Konosuba is different. It decided to slay the usual perfect themes and plot and just make a show that is fantasy yet not the usual fantasy story.

Konosuba Anime Poster
Konosuba Anime Poster!

Genre and Bckground – Konosuba

Konosuba is an action-comdey anime. It has a plot set in a fantasy world. It follows every step that a normal fantasy story follows. But, why make something that is available in the market of higher quality? There are tons of great fantasy anime. That’s why Konosuba decided to take a different path.

kazuma after his death
Kazuma after his death in Konosuba

It has a protagonist, Kazuma who is smart but useless in fights. His reincarnation is utterly over the bound. Kazuma died in a very ‘tragic’ way. He is a shut-in and one day went for a stroll. He tried to save someone from an accident, but he died instead. Kazuma thought his death was very natural that he died of a truck hitting him, also felt relieved he saved someone. When he meets the goddess he realizes, he has become the laughing stock of the town. Even the goddess couldn’t control her laughter. In reality, Kazuma died because he was frightened. It wasn’t a truck but a tractor moving very slow. His funeral was a joke even for his family. In reality, no one even cried for his death, everyone was laughing.

This breaks the first norm a usual fantasy story follows. That’s why this is different. if you want to laugh or take a break from watching heavy theorized anime, just watch Konosuba, you will feel lighthearted.

Glimpses from the Konosuba Anime
Glimpses from the Konosuba Anime

Another unusual thing is the protagonist chooses the goddess to accompany him to his life in another world. The goddess Aqua was easily thrown into the fantasy along with him. There was not even an objection. Now, Aqua is a goddess but is useless in every way. Kazuma and Aqua along with two others try to live a comfortable life in this obnoxious fantasy world. This world is full of crack-heads.

A perfect light binge

Konosuba doesn’t have a heavy storyline or plot. It’s not too flashy nor too complicated. You have a bunch of characters who are simpletons and exists solely for the purpose of being funny. Kazuma is the leader, he is smart but doesn’t have a combat talent. Aqua is a goddess, who is suffering due to Kazuma but is useless in most scenarios. Megumin is a magician who only mastered a single spell – ‘Explosion’. She is effective for a heavy blow but single-use only. Darkness is a tank but a maso*****. She is a noble but enjoys adventuring and pain or any kind of attack on her.

Megumin and Kazuma
Megumin and Kazuma in the Anime

These characters don’t have unique personalities or traits. They just exist in their own way. You don’t have a character who is flashy or heroic in this anime. This anime has a single purpose that is to be as funny as possible. There is no romance but I don’t think there is even a deep friendship between the characters. They sure have some bond in some sense. Kazuma is the only sane person, and he needs them. Hence he tries his best to cope with the craziness of his group to have a normal life.

So whenever you have to lighten your mood, you can just watch Konosuba.

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