Ruined King: A League of Legends Story – Another Riot Games Masterpiece

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is a turn-based role-playing video game. Airship Syndicate developed the game, with Riot Games publishing it. This is Riot Forge’s first indie game that lets the players explore the universe of League of Legends. Several champions of League of Legends features in this RPG, giving the players the freedom to assemble their party and explore Runeterra. The game was released on November 16, 2021.


Shadow Isles - League of Legends
Shadow Isles

The events of Ruined King take place after the short story Burning Tides. Players can unite a party of champions to explore the city of Bilgewater and also set sail to the mysterious Shadow Isles. In the Shadow Isles, players uncover the secrets of the deadly Black Mist…

Champions – Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Playable champions in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story
Playable champions in Ruined King
  1. AhriAhri is a mysterious fox-like vastaya in search of her place in the world. Having become a somewhat reluctant and empathetic predator since entering mortal society, she prefers to manipulate her prey’s emotions before partaking of their life essence—receiving flashes of memory and insight from each soul she consumes.
  2. Miss Fortune – A Bilgewater captain famed for her looks but feared for her ruthlessness, Sarah Fortune paints a stark figure among the hardened criminals of the port city. Those who underestimate her will face a beguiling and unpredictable opponent… and, likely, a bullet or two in their guts.
  3. Braum – Blessed with massive biceps and an even bigger heart, Braum is a beloved Iceborn hero of the Freljord. Every mead hall north of Frostheld toasts his legendary strength. With his enchanted shield, Braum works towards his dream of a peaceful Freljord by protecting the vulnerable.
  4. Pyke – A renowned harpooner from the slaughter docks of Bilgewater, Pyke should have met his death in the belly of a gigantic jaull-fish. Yet, he returned. Now he uses his new supernatural gifts to bring a swift and gruesome end to those who make their fortune by exploiting others.
  5. Illaoi Illaoi’s powerful physique is dwarfed only by her indomitable faith. As the prophet of the Great Kraken, she uses a huge, golden idol to rip her foes’ spirits from their bodies and shatter their perception of reality.
  6. Yasuo Yasuo is an agile swordsman who wields the air itself against his enemies. As a proud young man, he was falsely accused of murdering his master. Unable to prove his innocence, he was forced to slay his own brother in self-defense. In time, his brother mysteriously returned from death. Despite that, Yasuo still could not forgive himself for all he had done.


Ruined King's turn-based combat
Ruined King’s turn-based combat

Like every other RPG, players will discover traps, puzzles, and enemies as they travel through Bilgewater and Shadow Isles. Players can interact with their environment, whether it is chatting with NPCs or fighting with them. Each champion in the player’s party will have two Dungeon skills, either for fighting or solving puzzles.

The combat of Ruined King will be turn-based, i.e., champions will take turns to cast their lane, instant, and ultimate abilities. Players can also level up their characters, using the upgraded stats for better combat. The champions will also exhibit roles traditionally seen in RPGs while having abilities unique to this game.

Ruined King also includes various activities to gain rewards and unlock more lore to League of Legends. Bounty board is one such activity, where players can hunt mini-bosses for rewards. Players can also go fishing to catch the various aquatic creatures and also treasures at the bottom of the ocean. Creatures can also be tracked and hunted for unlocking perks and rewards.

Ruined King has several side quests which provide players with valuable rewards, legendary weapons, and also secrets of Runeterra. Rewards based on your performance while fighting waves of enemies in the battle arena are also available in the game. Last but not least, by exploring the map, players can unlock the lore behind League of Legends.

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