Rainbow Six Extraction – Gameplay, Operators, and Release Date

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is an upcoming tactical shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The game is henceforth a spin-off of Rainbow Six Siege and is the second installment in the rebooted Rainbow Six franchise. The game uses Siege as its basis and accordingly builds itself as a co-operative multiplayer shooter.

Gameplay – Rainbow Six Extraction

Gameplay of Extraction
Gameplay of Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction takes place during an outbreak of the Chimera parasite (originating in New Mexico). The outbreak has spread across the USA, and it is therefore up to the Rainbow Exogenous Analysis and Containment Team to contain the threat. The parasite has henceforth created hostile ecosystems in 12 zones across the country, and these zones contain an alien species called Archaeans. Around 10+ different archetypes of Archaeans exist in Extraction.

Players can form teams of up to three by selecting operators from the 18 available operators. Additionally, each operator will have a unique ability and weapon. Each play session will consist of three connected sub-maps, each sub-map consequently containing objectives. Players will be thus assigned objectives randomly from the 12 available objectives. The objectives include collecting samples, gathering intel, and taking down elites, among others. Finally, once the objectives are achieved, players can extract themselves or explore the sub-maps.



Of the 18 operators in the game, 12 operators have so far been announced by Ubisoft:

  • Gridlock
    • Ability –  Throws and deploys ground traps
    • Weapon – F90
  • Nomad
    • Ability – Shoots proximity mines
    • Weapon – AK47
  • Smoke
    • Ability – Throws remotely detonated gas grenades
    • Weapon – L85A2
  • Ela
    • Ability – Throws sticky proximity mines
    • Weapon – The Scorpion EVO 3
  • Sledge
    • Ability – Uses a tactical hammer to clear paths
    • Weapon – M590A1
  • Alibi
    • Ability – Can deploy a decoy to lure enemies
    • Weapon – Mx4 Storm SMG
  • Lion
    • Ability – Detects all moving enemies
    • Weapon – V308
  • Vigil
    • Ability – Disrupts enemies
    • Weapon – K1A1
  • Hibana
    • Ability – Shoots remotely detonated sticky explosives
    • Weapon – TYPE-89
  • Doc
    • Ability – Fires Health Pistol
    • Weapon – SG-CQB
  • Finka
    • Ability – Temporarily boosts team’s survival
    • Weapon – SPEAR .308
  • Pulse
    • Ability – Detects VIPs, MIAs and enemy nests
    • Weapon – M1014

Development and Release Date – Rainbow Six Extraction

Extraction comes out in 2022
Extraction comes out in 2022

Ubisoft announced Rainbow Six Extraction subsequently in E3 2019. Originally titled Rainbow Six Quarantine, the title was eventually changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first release date of the game was in 2020, but the development team needed more time to properly develop the game. The game was therefore delayed in October 2019 for a later date. However, the game received another delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After being delayed twice, the game got delayed once again and finally received the current release date of January 22, 2022.

Bonus content

Deluxe Edition
Deluxe Edition

Rainbow Six Extraction will have two editions – Standard and Deluxe. The Deluxe Edition will contain everything in the Standard Edition but will have three bonus packs. The three bonus packs are hence – Obscura Pack, Noxious Touch Pack, and REACT Strike Pack. The Deluxe Edition is accordingly priced at $49.99. Whereas the Standard Edition costs only $39.99.

Both the Standard and Deluxe Editions will include a Buddy Pass. The Buddy Pass is a feature, as a result of which people can invite their friends who don’t own the game for 14 days after buying the game. Players will also receive two exclusive outfits for Finka and Lion on pre-order – the Vaporized weapon skin and the Crashlander charm. Also, by owning both Extraction and Siege and by unlocking all 18 operators from Extraction in Siege, players can unlock approximately $40 worth of bonus content.

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