Arifureta: Season 2 Arriving soon!

Arifureta: From commonplace to Worlds Strongest.’ announces its second season to air in January 2022. In the first season itself, it became a very popular series. The first season was released in 2019 with 13 episodes, marking an extraordinary journey of the protagonist. Now, that journey is set to continue on a new path from this winter.

The protagonists

Season 2 ?

Although the exact date of Arifureta’s release is not clear, we only know that it might air in January 2022. However, Season 2 has a surprisingly early release. Some series of the same genre don’t even have a season second or are usually released much later. So, in this regard, Arifureta is lucky if no external factors play on it.

Arifureta second season
The official poster of Arifureta Season 2

Arifureta: the journey

Arifureta tells a brave and adventurous journey of several high school students. They are reincarnated in another realm, and the protagonist has the weakest abilities. Soon that weakness turned him into mincemeat. He got betrayed by his classmate. He fell into the abyss; danger and violence greeted him. That forced him to choose the path of violence and temper. Thus, changing him completely from a meek lamb to a wild lion. He chose to never give up and acquired new powers. Soon he stood in the first place.

still from the series
A still from the series

However, he didn’t forgive his classmates. He still didn’t trust them and showed them who the boss is. His journey from the weakest to the strongest is one of the classic plots. Yet, it’s interesting and not to forget he is a harem character.

Plot of Season 2: wild guess at possibilities

“I will protect you, Yue, and you will protect me. We are the strongest. We will mow all down, we will cross worlds.”

Hajime Nagumo, Arifureta: From the commonplace to the world’s strongest.

The story of Hajime (protagonist) and his partners will continue, meeting new variables and powers. One of the possible outcomes may be that the lover of the villain, that he killed in the last season will emerge. His (villain’s) revenge maybe become a headache for Hajime.

Now, for other factors, maybe more interesting and powerful characters will surface. Of course, providing a tough competition to Hajime. A powerful mage or a warrior princess might come ( if it follows the common norm) and fights with the protagonist. New characters might become his ally or rival. Whatever it is, the story will be more interesting. Since it’s pleasing to watch someone who was weak turn into the strongest and turn the tables in his favor. Breaking the arrogance, installing a sense of defeat and fear into one’s opponents becomes a pleasant watch.

Hajime and Myu
Hajime rescuing Myu

As for the harem of Hajime, maybe his vampire lady (Yue) and his old classmate will try to put him in a tough spot. His love life is gonna be full of chaos. That is a satisfactory and exciting development. Also, other than this, the action and equipment may become more flashy and cooler. Well, all we have to wait and see.

Cast and Crew

The cast is somewhat the same as the previous.

  • Hajime Nagumo– Toshinari Fukamachi
  • Yue – Yuuki Kuwahara
  • Shia Haulia– Minami Takachi
  • Tio Clarence– Youko Hikasa
  • Kaori Shirasaki– Saori Oonishi
  • Shizuku Yaegashi– Yumri Hanamori

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