Spy x Family: Top 10 characters ranked!

A large proportion of the raking popularity of Spy x Family can be ascertained by the intricate design of its characters. People who by no means can fit into the conventional mold. Precisely what makes this Anime one of a kind is witnessing these unconventional characters swearing by real-world conventions. Each is guided by an individual sense of purpose that only seeks fruition within an established setup.

In a way, Spy x Family is an inadvertent satire on the pre-existing world order. A social setup is deemed economically fruitful by the coming together of such individuals as complementary to one another. However, life achieves a certain wholesomeness in Anime. It is through the design and construction of each character that one might be able to unearth why.

10. Donovan Desmond

Donovan Desmond is crucial to the play given that he is the primary target of Twilight’s mission. He is the Chairman of the National Unity Party of Ostania. In addition, he is also the sole target of Operation Strix as assigned to Loid Forger (Twilight).

Donovan Desmond in Spy x Family
Donovan Desmond in Spy x Family

Considering his background and stature, access to Donovan Desmond is more or less impossible. However, in the rising and inevitable political tensions in Ostania, accessibility to Donovan is of crucial importance. The only known availability of Donovan can be rarely traced at the Eden Academy, setting the major plot for the Anime to unfold.

9. Bill Watkins

Bill Watkins is a student at Eden Academy, with a massive height and build at the tender age of 6. He makes his first appearance at the game of Dodge ball, competing against the team comprising Anya, Damian, and Becky amongst others.

Bill Watkins - The kid with an exceptionally evolved physique
Bill Watkins – The kid with an exceptionally evolved physique

The teams compete for the Tonitrus Bolts, known to distinguish the elite from the rest. Bill, by virtue of his physique, poses enough hardships for the competing team, swiftly knocking out one after the other. It is however Anya Forger, quite baffling to his understanding, that he cannot manage to land any direct hits on.

8. Becky Blackbell

Becky Blackbell is quite possibly the closest friend to Anya Forger at the Eden Academy. Quite fitting to students of her stature, Becky herself belongs to an influential family. What is distinguished about Becky is her quirky nature, coupled with her kindness and maturity. These qualities get her closer to Anya.

Becky Blackbell at the Eden Acedemy
Becky Blackbell at the Eden Acedemy

Becky, although spoilt by her parents in many aspects is initially of a clouded opinion of Anya, thinking of her as someone immature (which she is). Later, however, she develops an admiration for Anya’s stark resentment at being bullied by Damian and his friends. Becky grows into a protective figure for Anya, posing in often unwanted, just trying her best to be meaningful.

7. Damian Desmond

Damian Desmond is the younger son of Donovan Desmond and happens to study in the same class as Anya Forger. He is the classic bully. Damian seems to have the typical backstory of carrying the pressure and burden of living up to his family’s name.

Damian Desmond - The youngest son of Donovan Desmond in Spy x Family
Damian Desmond – The youngest son of Donovan Desmond

Loid has deemed Damian of essential importance in establishing contact with his father. Consequently, he wants Anya to be friends with Damian. Anya on the other hand has already caused a ruckus having punched Damian on the very first day (and quite rightly so), for having bullied her. Although headed through a heated start, it shall be interesting to observe how a friendship between the two blossoms in the following episodes; especially when there have been so many hints towards the same.

6. Franky Franklin

Franky happens to be the sole information provider for Twilight ( Loid Forger), in light of Operation Strix. Besides his extraordinary abilities to gather intel, Franky often serves as comic relief for the Forgers.

The information-savvy Franky Franklin
The information-savvy Franky Franklin

Franky acts as the carefree uncle, often amusing Anya and swiftly entertaining her over-the-top requests. It is Franky who hypes the family enough for their adventures at the rented castle, as shown in Anya’s favorite Detective cartoons. Franky however, is practical and strategic in suggesting Loid keep his feelings at bay whilst getting involved with the family. Franky certainly keeps doing his part in the process.

5. Henry Henderson

Henry Henderson is a teacher of history as well as one of the elite figures at the Eden Academy, currently serving as housemaster for one of their dormitories. Mr. Henderson is a man of genuine eloquence and bases utmost importance on “elegance”.

Henry Henderson - The paramount and seeker of 'elegance' in Spy x Family
Henry Henderson – The paramount and seeker of ‘elegance’

Given the importance of such, Henry Henderson is quite impressed by the Forgers by virtue of their close attention to detail and ability to stand out. Although he cannot fathom the possibility of Anya’s educational qualities, he goes so far as to risk his position for the Forgers during their interview. Mr. Henderson is surely strict when it comes to education and his responsibilities. He does not display any favor towards Anya whilst her classes. It remains yet to see the characteristic traits of Henry Henderson throughout the Anime.

4. Yuri Briar

Yuri Briar is the uncle of Anya Forger, being the sole existing sibling of Yor Forger. The young Briar however has an identity rather unknown to his acquaintances. He serves as an official at the State Security Service (SSS), yet pretends to work in the Foreign Ministry as a Civil Servant.

Yuri Briar - Yor's younger brother in Spy x Family
Yuri BriarYor’s younger brother

Yuri is exceptionally close to his sister, and quite rightly so since she is the only existing family he has. Yor has been a sister as well as a parental figure to Yuri since a tender age, and hence they demonstrate a strong familial attachment. Given such a background, Yuri is naturally resentful of Yor’s newfound husband (Loid) and judges his situation with absolute doubt and caution.

3. Yor Forger (maiden name: Yor Briar)

Yor, besides her regular job at the Berlint City Hall, is a professional Assassin, as well as the makeshift mother of Anya Forger. In order to fulfill their personal goals under a fair number of constraints, Yor and Loid decide it best to marry and help one another. Although their bond is not forged on real emotions, Yor and Loid often traverse the extra mile. They care for the family and try to secure the best possible atmosphere for Anya.

Yor - An exceptional assassin and currently mother to the Forgers
Yor – An exceptional assassin and currently mother to the Forgers

Yor is no natural at cooking or housework, and by virtue of her identity as an Assassin often doubts herself as a caregiver. She does want the best for the family, and it is both Loid and Anya who constantly reassure her of her natural ability to be their family. With the progress of the Anime, Yor has distinguished herself with her extraordinary martial prowess and emotional maturity, setting her apart as a strong and dependable mother for Anya.

2. Loid Forger (Twilight)

Loid Forger (adoptive name) goes by the codename of ‘Twilight’ and is arguably the most efficient undercover spy in the whole of Osmania. He has been entrusted with establishing a proximity with Donovan Desmond, for which he has to play the part of a family man with a real functioning family.

Twilight - An undercover spy currently going by the alias of Loid Forger
Twilight – An undercover spy currently going by the alias of Loid Forger

To fulfill the extent of his work obligations, Loid is tactical in adopting Anya from an orphanage. He eventually comes across Yor who plays the part of his wife and Anya’s mother. Given his background and experiences, Twilight is known to have shown exceptionally high skills and gifted prowess in having successfully executed all his missions. Twilight works single-handedly to accomplish the most dangerous of his endeavors, asserting a dominant sense of individualism for the character.

His approach to a familial situation is almost unprepared, yet he educates himself continually to succeed in the same. All three individuals advance with their respective identities in the make-shift family. Each act to sufficiently accommodate and help the other, acting in complete conjunction as a unit. Although a shift in both Loid and Yor’s individual working methods, the three adapt to one another more harmoniously than a real family does, probably ascertaining the massive success of Spy x Family.

1. Anya Forger

Anya Forger undoubtedly ranks at the top of the list and it is not just because of her telepathic abilities or even her unparalleled cuteness. A closer look into her background suggests how lonely her childhood must have been at the orphanage. She was conceived at a very young age as a science experiment lending her the signature telepathic powers, of which the Anime is yet to reveal more.

Anya Forger - Protagonist and centerpiece of Spy x Family
Anya Forger – Protagonist and centerpiece of Spy x Family

Anya loves peanuts, guns, and Detective Cartoons. She often carries the burden of being the usual comic relief, but her presence itself acts as binding and wholesome for the Forgers. Being a child Anya is at no point bound by inhibitions as the adults around her are. Often when people have their guard up or are about to cause unease for one another, Anya is the first to recognize and accordingly act on it.

For a child her age, she is immensely guided by the intention to keep her family intact. She is arguably the only individual in the Anime to whom the play is genuine. Anya has certainly known loneliness her entire life, so to be able to stay with the Forgers is no less than a happy dream for her and she intends to keep it like that (as do we).

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