Top 10 Nana Anime characters ranked!

“Anime is not just a form of entertainment. It is a way of life.”

Hayao Miyazaki

Anime fanatics can truly understand the suave showcase of reality frame by frame. Hand sketched beauty of its utopia outshines the bedimmed conventional world and is truly the most beautiful illusion flipped right above the table of realism. Nana Anime is one inseparable name from this world and so it wouldn’t be wrong to say it is a tapestry of realities knitted through the kernel of cinematic prowess. Nana Anime characters definitely monopolize a hegemonic position in the hearts of Otakus.

Nana Anime in Brief

Nana is a Shoujo Manga and anime series about a coincidental rendezvous between two young women named Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu who end up as roommates gradually befriending each other and exhibiting strong camaraderie owing to their proximity. It is where their lives are braided together in the course of pursuing their individual dreams. Unlike many other Anime series that may seem abstruse to novices, Nana is a very relatable exposition of life and its intricacies, where vulnerabilities foreshadow strength in a social vitrine. The beauty of this anime is best captured in its effortless juxtaposition of nature and reeling in the undertones of human articulations meticulously. It is a constant tussle between the heartbreaks and freedoms of growing up, being horrendously torn by love and friendships, and the very recalcitrant relationship between our minds and hearts.

Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu on the anime poster
Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu on the anime poster

Top 10 Nana Anime characters

Characters are always the driving vehicles of any series. They practically lay the breeding ground for plot and narrative. Nana also has several remarkable characters who, under the cinematic criticism microscope, reflect people from our lives. Here is a listicle of the top 10 Nana anime characters ranked –

10) Layla Serizawa (voiced by Megumi Hayashibara)—

A mystical female figure who hails from Nana Osaki’s past and definitely holds a certain amount of authority in her life decisions. She is an intimidating woman casting a menacing shadow in Osaki’s life and shouldn’t be taken lightly for sure.

the mystical Layla Serizawa
the mystical Layla Serizawa

9) Nobuo Terashima (voiced by Unsho Ishizuka)—

A well-established record producer who takes up the position of the light bearer in Nana Osaki’s life guiding her in conflicts. He may seem to be a very stringent boss but innately is a benign man.

The tough-seeming Nobuo Terashima
The tough-seeming Nobuo Terashima

8) Kyosuke Takakura (voiced by Hiroaki Hirata)—

A kind man love-struck by Junko Saotome. He truly cares for her and is willing to do anything in order to drag her out of this bottomless pit of darkness. But when in reality he himself is being gnawed and haunted by his demons.

the true lover Kyosuke Takakura
the true lover Kyosuke Takakura

7) Junko Saotome (voiced by Yui Horie) —

A singer with a euphonious voice however a drug addict causing serious wreckage and annihilation in her own life and career. Even though Nana Osaki’s skills intrigue her she turns out to be a catalyst of upheavals in her life. One of the most interesting Nana Anime characters undoubtedly!

The no-nonsense Junko Saotome- Nana Anime characters
The no-nonsense Junko Saotome

6) Yasui Nanase (voiced by Mamiko Noto)—

Nana Komatsu’s closest friend clearly justifies the saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed” as she is omnipresent every time she needs her. She also exhibits rebellious qualities as a woman who often speaks her mind brusquely.

the amicable Yasui Nanase - Nana Anime characters
the amicable Yasui Nanase

5) Shoji Endo (voiced by Akira Ishida)—

Nana Osaki’s other love interest, he is a genuine, empathetic simpleton who wears a lens different from other characters in the series. He isn’t a daydreamer rather he wears a lens of reality and understands the intrinsic value of Nana Osaki’s threats and challenges poignantly.

the simple and caring Shoji Endo
the simple and caring Shoji Endo

4) Takumi Ichinose (voiced by Tomokazu Seki)—

An affluent business person who is an adept manipulator. He is allured by Nana Komatsu’s susceptibility but chooses to play a puppeteer controlling her strings with his charms.

the mastermind manipulator Takumi Ichinose
the mastermind manipulator Takumi Ichinose

3) Ren Honjou (voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara)—

An up-and-comer name in the Japanese music industry, he too has his own share of darkness and light. He occupies a liminal space between the past, present, and future. He is visibly drawn to Nana Osaki’s musical knack however is afraid of being left in shambles all over again.

the reserved Ren Honjou - Nana Anime characters
the reserved Ren Honjou

2) Nana Komatsu (voiced by Mikako Takahashi)—

A naive, quixotic, and wide-eyed woman who shifts to Tokyo in a conquest to find love and embark upon youthful adventures. She encapsulates femininity and is almost an antithesis of Nana Osaki who she finds really intriguing in the beginning. She later realizes later how her morals and ambitions are coarsely discernible.

the lively Nana Komatsu
the lively Nana Komatsu

1) Nana Osaki (voiced by Romi Park)—

A highly talented punk rock singer; persistent in reaching great heights and making it big in Tokyo. She is a character with gray undertones in her dispositional visage thus she too has flaws bedecked on her chest pockets and passion reaping in her heart. She flounders to gain success while frittering to rise above her Wobegon past.

The fierce Nana Osaki- Nana Anime Characters
The fierce Nana Osaki

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