Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Summary

With the release of every new episode of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, its narrative course keeps on getting intense. With the release of the seventh episode, the sensory plateaus of its audience have been toppled entirely. One can say that this episode is more inclined towards action sequences. The much anticipated Shibuya Arc has almost reached the threshold of the anime. Hence one can only hold tight to their seats waiting for the adventure that follows!

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 7- A Recap

The sixth episode of the anime sealed on a cliffhanger leaving the viewers biting their nails. The rivalry between Kokichi and Mahito juggles as they wrestle their powers ruthlessly. Mahito exceeds his potential utilising his Dome Expansion ability. Kokichi slams him back by deploying Sadatsuna Ashiya’s New Shadow Style – Simple Domain technique – to pulverise Mahito and unbound himself from his domain. Suguru validates that this domain technique outpowers all other techniques and leaves indelible scars. Kokichi has his target set on Suguru but Mahito makes a hastened move, attacking him from the inside of mammoth Mechamaru. As an act of retaliation, Kokichi convoked a smaller Mechamaru as his final move to completely demolish Mahito. We are teleported to an emotional sequence between Kasumi and Mechamaru. Kasumi implants a firm promise of meeting him someday to fortify their bond. Another setting is that of the Tokyu Department Store’s Tokyo Outlet.

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 7: A tragic death sets off the Shibuya  Incident
The ultimate battle marking the advent of the Shibuya arc

The lingering clouds of darkness above the city

The omniscient narrator claims about the 400-metre radius veil being curtailed around 7 P.M on Halloween. Cut short to an enraptured crowd fanatically partying the night out in order to commemorate the festival. Amidst this jamboree, someone notices an enticing strangeness. A peculiar wind starts cramming people in as if devouring them like a meal. This initiates a conversation between Kento and Kiyotaka about this morbid scene. Now we can also spot Megumi and Takuma in the scene.

On the other side, we see Akari elucidating the sight of gobbled people screaming “Bring Satoru Gojo ” to Nobara, Maki and Naobito. To which Nobara explains how the veil has failed to shield the people from sorcerers. One can only imagine the power of their necromancy by that grisly sight. Nevertheless, a motivated Akari suggests seeking the cursed user who plotted it, defeating them miserably. Another shot showcases Panda and Atsuya. We see a thoughtful Atsuya ratiocinating the probable suspects. He believes they have some root connection to the previous exchange event. Meanwhile, Saturo becomes the supervisor of the utter mayhem caused in the city. We see grieving citizens in the penitentiary. Lamenting and panicking to escape Saturo apologises for his fallacy.

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 7: The looming danger upon the city
The looming danger upon the joyful city

An overall summary

Throughout the episode, one can sense their blood curdling to the gruesome sequences. The fight prelude between Kokichi and Mahito rules the imagery experience. Through deceit Mahito makes Kokichi bite the sand ruthlessly. But it is still a suspense saved for further astonishment whether Kokichi is alive or not. The warfare is a substantial turning point for the story. The dark clouds mishap the city turning a jovial festival into a compelling macabre. These events highlight the looming Shibuya arc surfacing for the breathless spectators. Overall the Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 7 was a complete package of galvanized thrill, a puissant struggle and a hovering threat of public ordeal.

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