Oshi no Ko Season 1 Episode 1 Recap and Review

Dive into the glittery world of Oshi no Ko Season 1 as Episode 1 displays, criticizes, and turns over your stomach in this 1 hour 30 minutes of purity, corruption, thriller, and more!

Introductions in Oshi no Ko

Japan’s idol worship and obsession have been a thing of the past and present. Even in the corner of the country, A gynecologist, Dr. Amemiya, swoons over 16-year-old Hoshino Ai, an idol still in the making. While conversing casually with his nurse, he tells why he likes Ai.

Sarina (Oshi no Ko)

He had a patient, Sarina, who died early at 12. She was a fan of Ai, and while she could not fulfill her dreams of meeting her, the Doctor wanted to immortalize her memory through Hoshino Ai.

Does Early Bird gets the egg?!

The Dr. looks over a pregnant teenager on his usual rounds and appointments. Lo and behold! Its Hoshino Ai, Oshi no Ko! And she has a set of twins inside her at 16 years old!

Hoshino Ai (Oshi no Ko)
A small mistake

While shocked, the Doctor treats her as a mature adult and professional, and over six months, gets friendly with her. He promises to deliver her children safely.

No Country for Idol Men!

The Doctor stands outside the hospital, taking a short break. A hooded person asks him about Ai’s pregnancy. Surprised how he found out, he chases the stalker demanding questions.

Doctor dying!
Meeting your idol but she’s pregnant

However, intense emotions inside Ai’s fans push him towards murdering the Doctor. In his last moments, he recollects Sarina’s wish to be reborn as a child of an idol or celebrity.


Hoshino Aquamarine, one of Hoshino Ai’s progeny, gives birth to the Doctor. His second twin is also linked to her memories. However, the Doctor had no idea who she could have been.

The Twins!
The Twins

Years pass, and the children grow up; Aqua finds a talent in acting due to his previous life experience (as an adult), and Ruby, who we find out to be Sarina herself, struggles but picks herself up eventually as a natural talent in the idol industry.

Truths and Lies – Oshi no Ko

Hoshino Ai, abandoned by her parents at a young age and scouted by her manager during high school, strives to understand true love! As she attempts to comprehend what love and happiness are, she constructs her image on lies. Thinking that one day, her lies might become actual truths.

Hoshino Ai from Manga!
Most Normal Human Beings

To her children, a verbal assurance of love seeks insecurity in her heart. She fears that she might end up lying to her children.

Belly Twists and Spoilt Blood (Spoiler Alert)

Hearing her children guessing who their father was, Hoshino Ai called up their father in hopes that he would meet his children.

After all these years, Hoshino Ai is on her way to celebrity status, and her first-ever dome performance is on the horizon.

The Stalker! (Oshi no Ko)
What Pure Love does

A knock on the door, and the same hooded man appears. His idol, pure and unforgiving in love. A maiden! An angel! Tainted by the perils of human relations!

He could not take it anymore. A stab in the gut, while crying his heart out, maledicts and curses. However, our shining idol, now in her last breath, remembers her fan most fondly. Unable to take it anymore, he leaves Ai and his knife inside her.

Murder scene!
Iconic, or Idolic?

All the while, Aqua, shocked, is hugged by his mother to protect him. On the other side of the door, Ruby was in tears. Ai finally says the words she wanted to express the most with all her honesty, “I love you!”

Beginning of the End

Hoshino Ai’s manager decides to take the twins under his parentage. Aqua, even the Doctor still, is confused about how the killer (who has killed himself) figured out Ai’s location. His hospital in the countryside and even the apartment she just had settled into.

Auqa evil smile! (Oshi no Ko)
Not enough budget?

Fueled by his revenge and knowing the possibility that his father might be the killer, he decides to enter the industry in hopes of solving the mystery behind his mother’s death.

Oshi no Ko Episode 1 Review

Very few words will go into this review. The plot of Oshi no Ko seems nothing special but has elements of genres mixed in a generous amount, and it blends in well, while the characters seem lovable and corrupted.

Episode 1 only seems to be the starting of what could be a surgical dissection of Japan’s film and idol industry, notorious around the globe for its inhuman practices and obsession.

Doctor, Ai in TV screen
Won’t be seeing her in the anime anymore

At first look, this appears to be a revenge tale, but we expect social commentary and taboos to be addressed as well. Or, it could just be a Detective Conan-like experience hiding under the guise of Seinen, where the anime itself seems to separate happy and dark moments like salt and water.

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