FIFA 22 – Top 5 skill moves to beat your opponent!

FIFA 22 is the 29th edition of the series, and it was released on 1st October 2021. Skill moves are a great way to spice up your gameplay and get one over your opponent in style during matches. Both beginners and experts of FIFA can do them. This also makes them a popular feature among the fans. Now, here are the best five skill moves you can use to beat your opponent in FIFA 22.

Official cover of FIFA 22
Official cover of FIFA 22 ‘Ultimate Edition’ featuring Kylian Mbappe

FIFA 22 will be the first edition to feature Hypermotion technology. EA Sports did a fantastic job by implementing this new feature. This captures the traits and in-match movements of players. Around 4000 new visual effects and human motions have been added. Although, this feature will only be available on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and Google Stadia.

FIFA 22 has also added four additional skills to the gameplay. The game now has a total of 53 skill moves, with an additional eight juggling tricks for 5-star skill-rated players. In addition, there are 51 players with a 5-star skill move rating, including Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kylian Mbappe among others.

Here are the five best skill moves that you can use in FIFA 22!

1. Roulette – FIFA 22

This is one of the most popular skill moves in FIFA as well as in real-life football. During the move, the player spins around his opponent with the ball on his feet, leaving the defender behind. Additionally, the move will be most effective when the opponent runs into the player to attempt a tackle.

You can learn how to perform a roulette easily here:-

Difficulty: 3 stars

PlayStation: Roll RS clockwise from bottom to right/left

Xbox: Roll RS clockwise from either the bottom to right/left

2. Step Over

The stepover is a very effective skill to have in your arsenal, despite not being overly complicated. It can prove to be very useful in one-on-one situations as well. It will allow you to dribble in tight situations and also gain more space to make a run-through.

The method for doing a step over in FIFA 22 is the same as the one followed in FIFA 21. You can find it here:-

Difficulty: 2 stars

PlayStation: Roll RS from forward to left or right

Xbox: Roll RS from forward to left or right

3. La Croqueta

This move involves a sudden change in the direction of play by the user, and it requires a 4-star skill-rated player. Andres Iniesta is credited with popularizing this move, owing to his use in several matches. The move allows you to create space to attempt a shot or make an incisive pass. You can also create more angles to keep the attack going.

You can learn to do the La Croqueta by watching the video here:-

Difficulty: 4 stars

Playstation: Hold L1 + RS hold right/left

Xbox: Hold LB + RS hold right/left

4. First Time Spin

This skill move is incredibly effective in drawing a tackle from your opponent and therefore creates more space to make an attacking run. Furthermore, you can beat the defender quickly if you use a player with a good ball control rating.

Here is how you can do the first time spin easily in FIFA 22:-

Difficulty: 5 stars

PlayStation: Hold L1 + R1 (when taking the first touch)

Xbox: Hold LB + RB (when taking the first touch)

5. Four Touch Turn – FIFA 22

If you are looking to create angles while dribbling, the four-touch turn is definitely the move for you. It allows you to make space while attacking, specifically during tight situations. It can also be used as an attacking threat inside the penalty area.

Learn how to perform the four touch turn here:-

Difficulty: 4 stars

PlayStation: Hold L2 + Flick RS Back twice

Xbox: Hold LT + Flick RS Back twice

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