Seirei Gensouki (Spirit Chronicles) Season 2 : Expectations

Expectations hurt the most. The lower, the better. However, officials of ‘Spirit Chronicles‘ or ‘Seirei Gensouki’ decided to play the game. After the end of season 1 in September, they have announced the next season in a month. The official channel confirmed the production. The release date is still blurry but, season 2 will happen. Season 1 was not very impactful. The story was mellow and there were few fight scenes. Rio didn’t have sufficient chances to show his full potential. Hence, the action scenes were disappointing to an extent. Still, there are questions that remain unanswered. Rio’s parents, his romance, and his revenge. Season2 might be better than its predecessor.

Spirit Journey of Rio-

The story of ‘Seirei‘ revolves around a transmigrated guy ‘Haruto‘ alias Rio. The plot follows the usual norms of isekai genre. The usual accident (here it’s train instead of the truck), harem, and power play. However, Rio is underestimated and progresses through the story, slowly gaining recognition. His past is a mystery, having fewer memories of his life as “Haruto“. Still. a few variables connect him to his previous life.

RIo in dual
Rio in a duel

Seirei Gensouki – expectations

Seirei gensouki / spirit chronicles
Several characters of Serei Gensouki

The biggest anticipation is the ‘time’ for season 2 to release. Often an anime announces its season 2 but gets delayed. Some take years to appear in front of the public while some are still waiting to be released, breaking the hearts of fans. The most probable assumption of the release date is next year. If everything goes its own way and no extra characters appear to disturb.

The next is the plot of the anime. Season 1 ended with Rio kidnapping his young professor and fleeing to a safe zone. But there are many things to veil out. The identity of the pink hair human spirit that, has a connection with Rio. This spirit resembles the crush of his previous life. So unveiling its identity is a must. This character is a mystery and everyone loves a mystery.

A fight sequence in season 1

The other is the fight. Although towards the end of season1, the entire fight sequence somewhat relieved the fans, it was still not much. There were many unsatisfactory individual fights showing the power of Rio. The sequel may have a full blast. The fight scenes need improvement to satisfy many battle maniacs. Whereas many have superior fight battles compared to ‘Seirei’, ‘Seirei Gensouki’ has magic as its main component. Magic can be very powerful and explosive. It deals with AOE effects on battlefields and exerts pressure on individuals. Yet, Seirei lacked explosiveness. It did not leave a great impression on the audience. In next, the battle must blow away the minds of fans.

But it’s safe to have low hopes, for not to be disappointed in the future. ‘Seirei’ has a good story and it can improve to the next level, meeting the expectations of the viewers.


What’s more, to expect is revelations of many identities. The princesses don’t have much of an impact on Rio. Hence, the relationships have a great scope to advance to the next tier. The journey of Rio may continue in the sequel too. Let’s hope he meets many opponents forcing him to his end wit. Let the calm and cool-headed Rio explode and fight like a brute. Since his personality is good, so changes might be minimum.

Rio moving ahead

Overall, it is good news that the anticipated anime has season2 very soon, quenching the thirsts of many deserts. Let it be a big win.

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