Risk of Rain 2 Review: What Makes it So Addicting?

Rogue-likes began to gain prominence alongside the Battle Royale genre, which took over the gaming industry by storm. Risk of Rain found home in gamers as one of the best rogue-likes of this decade. Since there is a new game incoming this year in this franchise, a quick Risk of Rain 2 review might rekindle your soul.

Released in 2019, a million units were sold in the first month. However, this number increased to around four million in PC sales only in 2021. Hyped as the first game is to be remastered, we provide some points about why this game is an addictive experience.

The inception of Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain was developed by two students – Duncan Drummond, and Paul Morse, later under the name of Hopoo Games. In addition, this game was a culmination of a love of platformer and rogue-like genres. Risk of Rain was released in February 2015.

Risk of Rain 2 developers
The Devs

After only four years, Risk of Rain 2 was released. The base gameplay was the same but in an entirely new perspective. In addition to that, a four-player co-op only meant four times the sales and four times the fun.

Storylines and Gameplay

The story of Risk of Rain 2 is a sequel to the first. We command a vessel to the planet of Petrichor V. Mysterious, unchartered, and full of resources, we enter the planet unbeknownst to its dangers.

Risk of Rain 2 opening cutscene
Opening scenes

There’s more to it than the tale; the sensation of discovery is best expressed through the game itself rather than words. Additionally, item descriptions contain lore, and areas of play contain remnants of an ancient civilization whose story has been left untold to the humans who encroach upon it.

Gameplay Loop – Risk of Rain 2 Review

The game begins with a randomly generated seed planet and generates animals that you can kill for gold and experience. The game has perma-death, which means that you must restart every time you die.

Risk of Rain 2 gameplay image
Late game run

To progress to the next stage, you need to find a procedurally generated teleporter (random spawn) inside the area while unlocking crates that contain items that power up your character. Standing in the teleporter for 1 minute and 30 seconds activates the portal, allowing you to proceed to the next stage, aside from killing the boss.

Risk of Rain 2 teleporter image

Between these runs, items are discovered, areas are opened, and secrets are found. Bosses start spawning as normal mobs, and the teleporter bosses spawn as four; as the difficulty increases.

Where’s the fun part?

Choosing your character is a paramount aspect of the game. That is the first stage in determining whether or not you will complete that particular run!

Risk of Rain 2 character screen
Risk of Rain 2 character screen

Your first to tenth attempts won’t be fun. Afterward, you’ll start searching on YouTube for optimized beginner runs, items, and boss descriptions. Consequently, you get a feel for the game. At this point, you will witness actual growth in your gameplay as you start charting out paths to ensure you have the maximum amount of items for the next stage.

Risk of Rain 2 Sky Meadow Art
Sky Meadow Art

Finally, before you even realize it, “The rain formerly known as purple” plays out, and you gaze upon the fields of Sky Meadow (if you get it during the run) and witness the mobs slowly coming towards you as the soundtrack plays out. Before you realize it, you will be brought into the final stage.

Patience is Risk!

To provide the feeling of urgency, the developers of Risk of Rain implemented a time=difficulty mechanic in the game. As time progresses further, the difficulty also increases. Likewise, the stage clears progress one bar of difficulty.

Difficulty bar
Difficulty bar

This provides the player to not idle and always be on their feet, seeking stuff and slaying creatures for gold.

Items and God Runs – Risk of Rain 2 Review

Dubbed a God Run, if a player finds items that synergize well with his character and build, they become capable of cruising through the game. These kinds of runs are often uploaded on YouTube and make you feel like an absolute, God.

God run image
An illustration of a God Run

Chiefly, items in Risk of Rain 2 are the most paramount growth aspect of the game. Here, items stack infinitely. If you get 30 of the same items which have a chance to deal critical damage, the rate might go up to 100 percent. Healing, buffs, damage increase, and more items synergize together. Each run is different, but the core gameplay remains firm.

Final Thoughts on Risk of Rain 2

The lack of narrative and story might not cater to every audience. However, for those who want maximum gameplay variation and are used to weird liquid-like graphics, Risk of Rain 2 is the perfect game. Additionally, with the co-op feature, runs are even more challenging and fun. One-time bosses! Use your momentum to your advantage! Play from a distance! Charge through foes, annihilating them! They’re all present in Risk of Rain 2.

DLCs of Risk of Rain 2

Void DLC teaser
A teaser image of the Void DLC

The Void DLC is a small yet significant element in the game. It adds a new void variant of conventional creatures and void places to the game. In addition to that, reviews were satisfactory, and almost everyone loved the DLC.

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